Monday, May 31, 2010

{Cooking} Easy Pasta Dish

Have I got a recipe for you! I just made this tonight for dinner; it's one of my go-to meals! If you work full time, you'll especially like this recipe. Why? Because it's super simple to make, and this is definitely a 30 minute meal (at the most) - BONUS!

First, you'll need some ingredients:
~ EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
~ garlic (minced)
~ 1 bag baby spinach
~ 2 cans diced tomatoes
~ 1 box Perdue chicken shortcuts
~ 1 tub feta cheese
~ 1 box bowtie pasta

Now for the instructions:
{Note: I don't use exact measurements when I make this meal. Adjust to your liking.}
~ Coat the bottom of a frying pan with some EVOO.
~ Saute about a tablespoon of minced garlic (maybe a teaspoon if you're not a garlic fan) in the olive oil.
~ Add bag of baby spinach and let it cook down.
~ Add chicken shortcuts (they are already cooked) and the two cans of diced tomatoes (I use one can of regular and one can of garlic and oregano). Bring mixture up to a higher temperature (until bubbly) and then down again.
~Add entire tub of feta and fold into mixture.

~ Cook pasta according to directions on box.
~ Drain pasta and dump into a large bowl.
~ Pour entire mixture over pasta.
This meal is yummy with crusty Italian bread and a little parmesan cheese sprinkled on top!

Dean helped me cook tonight! He is finally starting to like his Bjorn....

{Great Buy} Pretty Bags!

Aren't these cute?!? Not only cute, but these bags are sooooo functional!

I use them ALL of the TIME! Packing items for our weekend shore trips, transporting gifts during the holiday season, bringing meals to friends or family, lugging teaching items to work or prizes for my students during the school year, and the list goes on! I definitely need to buy a few more of these. For $.99 each, you can't beat, they come in some really pretty colors and patterns.

Where can you find these little pretties? One of my favs, TJ Maxx. Hit or miss but when it's a hit, which is fairly often, TJ offers unique and top quality home items for a great price!

{Outdoor Spaces} Hanging Baskets

Will my LOVE for beautiful flowers ever cease? I highly doubt it...

I've gotten a ton of compliments on these hanging baskets that adorn the front porch of my sweet, little, old, yellow charmer. As a matter of fact, last week a woman driving by my home randomly stopped to ask me where I bought my hanging baskets. Funny, huh?

Moore's Greenhouse is the answer. I love it there and purchase my mums for the fall and all of my spring/summer flowers there as well. It's very clean, the flowers are well cared for, and the owners are very helpful...they've even carried my flowers to my car for me when I have the baby with me. Check them won't be sorry!

Friday, May 28, 2010

{Holiday} Happy Memorial Day!

It's official...Memorial Day is here, which means summer is just around the corner! My family is taking off to the shore for the, hubby, baby, and's gonna be interesting!

Hoping your weekend is filled with family, fun, flags, and fantastic drinks and eats!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

{Invitations} Becky's Baby Sprinkle

My sister's baby sprinkle invites are done! I will be mailing these out at some point next week. I don't usually post my invitations until they have been mailed to the guests; however, I had a free minute to make my blog post (and those are hard to come by these days *wink*), so I jumped on it!

Instead of making a cake or cupcakes for the sprinkle, I have decided to do an ice cream sundae bar. I thought it would be cute to hint at that in the invites. So, I came up verbage that was fitting for an ice cream party (scoop, sweetie, sprinkle....get it?!?!) and made an ice cream cone with my scallop punch.

My sister is not finding out the sex of this baby (grrrr....), and I didn't want to go the yellow/green route, so I had to incorporate both pink and blue. I brought in a turquoise blue with the envelope that will house the invite. The invite is mostly dark pink, but I threw a little pale pink in there by backing the invite on pale pink shimmery cardstock.

Of course I had to make wrap labels. I used the dark pink/white polka dot scheme on the labels to tie the entire package together.

The inspiration for all of these fabulous colors???? This adorable Pottery Barn bedding above. I noticed this in the catalog a while ago and once my sister announced that the sex of the baby would be a surprise, I knew these would be fun, spunky colors for her sprinkle. I'm looking forward to working on the other pieces I'm creating for the event! Will post soon!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

{Weddings} Color Combos

It's officially wedding season, and I'm in love with some of the new trends out there! Check out this color combo....all the bridesmaids coordinate, but in not such a matchy matchy way.

With my second wedding anniversary quickly approaching, and my husband and I going to a wedding in Cape Cod on our anniversary weekend, I've been reminiscing about planning my own wedding. I had so much fun! I wouldn't change a thing about my wedding, but I do love looking at all the fun new trends that I see each year.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

{Crafting} My Baby Boy is 3 Months!

Dean is 3 months old today! He's my big boy now....tear.

I have been taking pictures of him every month as a keepsake, and I decided to handmake his onesies. I started with fabric for months 1 and 2 and then switched over to buttons.

The buttons were a little easier and less time consuming than the fabric, and they are so colorful. If only it wasn't crooked looking ;)

Any ideas for his 4 month shot? Maybe I'll hit up Joann's for some cute ribbon??? Stay tuned....

Friday, May 21, 2010

{Home Improvements} Entryway Storage

I LOVE this entryway storage system from Pottery Barn! I am always on the lookout for ways to add extra storage areas to my home. My husband and I had a built-in pantry added last summer to give us more space for food, and now I'm thinking about having someone build something similar to this on my back porch, which we just had closed in over this past winter.

Using PB as my inspiration, my plan is to add 3 or 4 "lockers" with a connecting bench housing baskets underneath. One for Bo, me, and Dean. Each locker would have hooks for hanging our jackets and work/school bags. The baskets underneath could be used for shoes.

When you live in a small home, clutter tends to build up quickly, and I HATE clutter. Hopefully, this will help with that! I'm going to get a move on this project ASAP, and I'll post pictures when it's completed!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

{Entertaining/Party Planning} Becky's Sprinkle

My sister, Becky, is expecting her second baby this September, and I'm throwing her a "sprinkle"! Here's a little sneak peek at what I've been working on so far!

The colors for this celebration will be chocolate brown, dark pink, light pink, and turquoise. That's it for now! I am working on her invitations currently and will post as soon as I send them out. Party details to follow!

{Invitations} Lauren & Rick's Wedding Suite

Lauren and Rick's wedding is this August, and I can't wait! Lauren is a good friend of mine, and it was so fun to create her wedding invitations for her!

Her 5x5 square invitation was printed on shimmery ivory cardstock. She opted for a classic monogram and stripe motif. The stripes were also used on the directions/accommodations card.

Lauren's RSVP card was also printed on shimmery ivory cardstock with a matching ivory envelope.

Monday, May 17, 2010

{Organizing} Wrapping/Tissue Paper

I can't stop. Organizing that is! Lately my wrapping/tissue paper situation has been a little out of hand. I have a lot of both and never seem to be able to easily access it when I need to wrap a gift. I saw this idea in a catalog and I liked it not only because it's practical but also because it looks cute!

I found some old galvanized storage tubs/tins in my basement that now house my wrapping and tissue paper. So much easier!

Next up? Ribbon!

I started taking graduate classes again last week AND my laptop crashed a few days before that, so I'm a little behind on some of my projects. However, I will be posting the following projects soon:

{1} Lauren & Rick's wedding suite
{2} Dean's 3 month homemade onesie
{3} Becky's "Sprinkle" invitations {all related party goods will follow}
{4} Dean's Dedication invitations and related goods

Sunday, May 9, 2010

{Entertaining} Bo's Birthday Details

My husband's 32nd birthday was on Saturday, and I hosted a family party for him at our home. I posted the invitations and wrap labels I created for him in a post about a month ago. Here are a few more party details!

{Guest of Honor - my hubby Bo}

{Chocolate Reeces peanut butter Coldstone Creamery cake - DELISH!}

{The party colors were dark blue, lime, and light blue. I used these colors on Bo's invitation and carried them through to some of the other party details including the napkins, plates, flatware, gift bags, poms, and a party sign and food tags that I made.}

{Party sign - Bo and his grandmother share the same birthday, so we celebrated both of them on Saturday.}

{Food tags for each item on the menu - not all tags shown here.}

{Homemade poms hanging above the drink station on the back porch}

{Poms are easy to make and are a great way to add a splash of color to your party.
Here's how I made mine....
1. Fold an entire package of tissue paper like an accordian.
2. Secure middle with a rubber band or twist tie.
3. Round edges by cutting with scissors.
4. Pull tissue paper apart and fluff.
5. Add ribbon around center and hang from ceiling (or wherever appropriate for your party).

{Decorating} Latest Purchase for Office/Craft Room

My office/craft room was in need of a little "something," and I've been on the lookout for that "something" for a while now. I finally found it! Target, my fav, once again came to my rescue. I spotted this cute runner the other day while on a little shopping spree with my sister and our boys. The light turquoisy blue and taupy tan color complement the color of my walls and my accent chair.

Loving the look of the runner!

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was my very first Mother's Day and what a blessing it is to be my sweet Dean's mommy!