Monday, February 25, 2013

{Birthday} Oreo Pops

We celebrated my little mister's third birthday last Friday. I can hardly believe he is three. He had pre-school that morning, so I sent in some oreo cookie pops dipped in chocolate for his school mates. I wrapped each with a clear bag, twine, and a little tag I made. Easy!

ps~ I personally think working with melted chocolate is an absolute NIGHTMARE {hate it..ha!} BUT the taste is that good that I continue to torture myself by attempting to tackle it.

**We took Dean rollerskating on Saturday as per his request -- hysterical! He loved every second of it!
**On Sunday, I hosted his family party at our home. I'll be sharing the details this week!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{Holiday} NUTS for You Valentine

Dean and Drew delivered the last of their Valentines this afternoon to both sets of their grandparents. Dean helped me make chocolate covered peanuts and sprinkle them with Valentine sprinkles yesterday.

We bagged them and attached a "We're NUTS about you" tag. In addition, we threw in pink chocolate heart candies.

Lastly, we used dark and light pink baker's twine to tie everything together. These chocolate covered peanuts are one of my favorite treats! {And sooooo easy to make -- recipe here}.

** Dean also made a few extra bags for his pre-school teachers on Friday.
** My family has a simple little Valentine's Day tradition -- chocolate fondue dessert after dinner. Bo and I started doing this before we had our babies, and now they enjoy the fondue with us!
** Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

{Holiday} Crayon Valentine

I just wrapped up Dean and Drew's Valentines. I borrowed an idea I found on Pinterest, which was a crayon Valentine. Dean's little friends are at a perfect age for coloring, so when I stumbled upon these crayon rings in the Target dollar bins, I scooped them up.

My boy just started going to Pre-school one day a week {WHAT?!?}, so I also made some for his little class of twelve.

I created little tags and packaged them in clear plastic bags. Easy!

I'm working on another Valentine for Dean and Drew's grandparents {and Dean's teachers}...stay tuned!

Friday, February 1, 2013

{DIY} Valentine Trees

I've never been so happy to see February in all my life! I appreciate all the beautiful seasons we are fortunate enough to experience here in New Jersey, but after two weeks worth of runny noses, sore throats, coughs, and cranky kids, I'm done! Not that February is much better in terms of the cold weather or sicknesses, but we are that much closer to spring.

This February, I decided to try a Valentine's idea I found on Pinterest...where else?

My little mister helped me craft these heart trees a few days ago when we were stuck inside due to the cold.

I decorated my mantle with the trees this year. They are super simple, but I really love the vibrant colors.

**Stay tuned to see the Valentine's I'm working on for my kiddies to give to their friends this year!