Sunday, February 28, 2010

He's Here!

Robert "Dean"
February 22, 2010 | 9:05 am
7 pounds | 14 ounces |19.5 inches

I'm in L.O.V.E....I know all you mothers out there completely understand this love that I speak of. It's like no other feeling in the world, and you just can't imagine it until you become a mother.

Dean is doing so well! He's my little snuggle bug, and he also loves to keep his mama up all night long! I don't mind being sleep deprived right now because I am just enjoying getting to know my baby and spending time with him. Between me and his dad (and our families), this boy is overloaded with love!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

{Newborn Shots Prop} Old Baby Cradle

My father-in-law made this cradle a very long time ago, and it's been passed through the family for many years now. Bo and I will use it for Dean for a little while and then pass it on again for the next baby in the family.

It was a little tricky to find the right materials to make this wooden cradle a comfortable place for the baby to lie, but I think I finally did it. I used an egg crate padding made for a twin bed and cut it to fit in the cradle as the bottom layer. On top of the egg crate is a bassinet pad with a fitted bassinet sheet. Lastly, I added a monogrammed pillow just for decoration.

When Melissa of took my maternity shots in January, she saw the cradle in my home and said it would make for some cute photos when she comes to take Dean's newborn shots. Can't wait!

{I purchased this pillow from Etsy a little while ago. I also bought a matching monogrammed onesie that will be cute for Dean's newborn shots!}

Saturday, February 20, 2010

{Decorating} Wall Art for the Nursery

I just added this wall art to the baby's nursery today!

Check out the super simple details below:

{Four 12 x 12 artist's canvases from Michaels or AC Moore}
{I choose two different fabrics that complimented the nursery from JoAnn's Fabric Store}
{Lay the canvas face down on the fabric (also face down). Leave enough extra around perimeter to wrap around edges.}
{Use a staple gun to secure the tightly wrapped fabric around the canvas}

That's all! You've got yourself some cute and inexpensive wall art!

This came to be when I was shopping in Crate & Barrel the other day and noticed all the pretty punches of color they had all over their store walls. After looking more closely, I realized it was just fabric fastened securely over canvas or corkboard and hung on the wall.

Ironically, I had purchased four artist's canvases a while ago, planning to paint something on them for the nursery. However, I changed my mind on the painting idea because I couldn't decide exactly what I wanted to paint (not to mention I'm sure I would have messed something up!). Instead, after my C & B wall art siting, I bought cute fabric with stripes and polka dots and using a staple gun, attached the fabric. These are hanging over the changing table/dresser.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

{Shopping} Great Target Deal!

My latest Target find: a neutral colored co-sleeper for $40!!! I was doing a little shopping the other day and mosied on over to the baby clearance section of the store. Much to my delight, I found this! Originally almost three times the cost of what I paid, I snatched this bad boy up and headed to the register! It fits nicely in our master bedroom and will be perfect for my little guy.

{Maternity Leave} Finally Relaxing!

Just like my little Ginger below, I'm finally relaxing and enjoying my maternity leave! Luckily it started two days before it was supposed to because of the blizzard of 2010!
I've been cleaning and organizing around my house, and I'm pretty much finished at this point. I've also had some extra time to do a little shopping, make some returns, get a mani/pedi, meet some girlfriends for lunch/dinner, update my blog, and most importantly, RELAX! I'm loving the much needed break.

I really pushed myself in January/February and took on a lot. In addition to my full-time job of a middle school English teacher, I also took a graduate course that was a ton of work (my prof luckily let me end a little early because the last class isn't until 2.24 and I will be delivering my son on 2.22), and I was also trying to finish up invitation orders. And in the last month, I had my baby shower and all of the gifts to organize, wash, put away, etc. Thank goodness my husband is handy and put together all the big items. We also had some rearranging to do in our home to make all the baby's items fit, not to mention cleaning! was SOOOOO crazy. Just waiting for Baby Boy to get here now!

{Decorating} My Little Fella's Nursery

{View of entire nursery}
{Crib and bedding}
{Clean and simple - love it!}
{Leaning ladder shelf, rocker chair, and Roman shades}
{I will be adding personalized signs with my son's name and birth stats to the empty frames on the shelf once he arrives. The "P" is for Powell :o)}
{Changing table/dresser}
{I will be adding some wall art with my little guy's name that I'm working on currently above the changing table or crib - not sure which just yet.}
{Shelf that holds the monitor. I also added some old windows that will eventually serve as picture frames. Once I have my baby's newborn pictures taken, I will add some photos. I contemplated sanding them and painting them white, but I love the old look of them, so kept them in their original state.}
That's's finished! Well almost. Like I mentioned above, I have a few more touches that I will be incorporating that have the baby's name on them, so I won't post those pictures until he's born. Overall, I was going for a clean, soft, and simple look for my baby boy's room. I love soft colors for a baby because they are so sweet and pure. I think when he transitions into a big boy bedroom one day, I will go a little bolder with my color choices. But for now, this is just what I wanted for him.

Shopping Details:
  • Expresso crib and changing table/dresser - (stylish and affordable furniture)
  • White leaning ladder shelf - Target
  • White chenille rocker and ottoman - Walmart
  • Expresso shelf - Lowes (wish I had gone a little higher quality with this purchase)
  • Wall paint - Benjamin Moore for Pottery Barn Kids (color: white satin)
  • Bedding - Pottery Barn Kids (white pique set with blue stripe)
  • Rug - Pottery Barn Kids (5 x 7 Caine rug)
  • White Roman shades - JC Penny (great sale!)
  • All baskets & bins - Target, Home Goods, Pottery Barn Kids

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

{Organizing} Miss Ginger

Still organizing over here. Aside from a few small decorating projects, the baby's nursery is pretty much finished, so I've moved on to Ginger....haha (next is my husband). She has her own little corner in my mud room. That's all I can spare in my small home. I bought a tiny little shelf from Target and have her picture and treats on it. Underneath the shelf, my husband added two hooks to hang her leash, harness, and collars from. On the floor, her food and water bowl sit atop a placemat intended for my dining room table but getting so much more use as a food trap for the puppy.

{You can see her crate next to her food & water bowls. Since I'm on maternity leave now, lucky girl doesn't have to go in the crate during the day while I'm at work!}

Saturday, February 13, 2010

{Decorating} Smart Storage Solution

{This tote is in the corner of my dining room - out of the way and for the most part, unnoticeable.}
{This tote is in the baby's nursery - updated pics coming soon!}
The blizzard of 2010 was good for one thing: completely babyfying (is that a word?) my home. My husband put together about a gazillion and one different contraptions, and I've been washing the cutest little teeny tiny outfits and socks you've ever seen for two days! Now we need a new home to make everything fit. JK. But WOW....there's definitely a lot of stuff we need to make room for. So here's what I did....I went to Pottery Barn for their canvas totes. I actually registered for these. Got one as a gift and with a PB giftcard from my shower, bought the other! These are empty at the present moment, but I'm sure they begin to fill quickly with toys and other kiddie things. So, if you're looking for a smart storage solution without having to add another a piece of furniture to your home or put your house up for sale, try these! They can be monogrammed too!

{Dessert Idea} Happy Valentine's Day!

My hubby and I are staying in our little warm and cozy home for Valentine's Day this year and making our own dinner/dessert! We're actually celebrating tonight instead of tomorrow. Bo is making me dinner (my guy is an amazing cook - filet and crab cakes and asparagus - Mmmmm!). I'm in charge of dessert, so fondue it is! I'll admit it's not my most creative idea by any stretch, but it's fun and romantic and most importantly, delicious! Besides, at just a little over 38 weeks pregnant, I'm all about easy at this point!

I'm using a mini C & B fondue pot that a friend from work gave me for Christmas with dark chocolate fondue. And, I'm using strawberries, bananas, pound cake, marshmallows, pretzels, and chocolate glazed donut holes for dipping purposes - gotta try to balance the healthly and completely unhealthy!

Gifts? I got to pick out a new Vera! I have a ton of purses already, so I opted for a new lunch tote instead (the old one was on it's last leg). It's a pretty mossy green with splashes of lime green, turquoise blue, and white. And a beautiful bouquet of flowers now decorates my make me happy! My poor husband, on the other hand, didn't receive one fun V-Day gift this year. In total nesting mode, I purchased him a shoe rack for his closet, a 5-tiered hanger to create more space in his closet, and an organizer for his ties. attempt to get this man organized - it's not an easy feat! Sorry babe - love you!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Dream Kitchen

Kitchens are my favorite room in a home, and I am in L.O.V.E with this kitchen! It takes my breath away. The granite countertops, the dark hardwood floors, the light cabinets with the contrasting dark island, the subway tile backsplash, the undercabinet lighting, the stainless steel appliances and double ovens, the butler pantry (yes, I said butler pantry)....tooooo dieeee forrrrrr. Maybe one day....

Friday, February 5, 2010

Adrienne's Paisley Wedding Suite

{The invitation and directions/accommodations card}

{Response card paired with a pale lavendar shimmery envelope}

{Punchy purple belly band to hold all pieces of the suite together}

{Wrap-around labels before attached to the outer envelopes}

{Wrap-around labels - front and back of outer envelope}

I am really in love with everything about this wedding suite from the colors to the paislies to the wrap-around labels. Adrienne choose a color palette of different shades of purple, including eggplant, light lavendar, and a brighter, punchier shade of purple (belly bands). A periwinkle blue was also incorporated into the color scheme. She also wanted all the verbage in chocolate brown, and I think all the colors look absolutely stunning together. No doubt these are fun colors for a spring event, not to mention, purple is a hot color in general for weddings right now!
I used a belly band to hold all the pieces of this suite together. Everything was printed on white shimmery paper and pale lavendar envelopes were used for both the response envelope and outer envelope. I hope these make a statement when the arrive in each of the guests' mailboxes!

Save the Date Postcards

Lauren and her new fiance, Rick (aka Eric), are planning an August wedding in Philadelphia. The Ballroom at the we come (I will be at the wedding)!!! OoooOooohhh La La! What a beautiful venue!

Lauren's colors are pink and black, so as per her request, I used a dark pink color on her save the date and incorporated a monogram. In addition, these were printed on white shimmery paper. I also thought it would be a nice change to try a postcard instead of the normal card with an envelope or a magnet. I think these are fun and different and turned out really cute! Can't wait to get mine in the mail!

{Crafting} Peacock Feather Wreath

{AFTER shot}

{Close up}

{BEFORE shot of the wreath}
{I love peacock feathers - it's even the theme for the month of February on my desk calendar}

{The feathers and peacock feathers used to give my old wreath a new look. I took these apart and rearranged to my liking.}

I stopped in Joann's Fabric Store the other day after work for ONE thing (which I never found by the way) and ended up leaving with an armful of goodies. Spring wreaths for my garage, some sparkly Easter eggs (those will be shown in a separate decorating post!), and these fun peacock feathers!!! I love peacock feathers, so I was immediately drawn to them the second they caught my eye. While I stood there admiring them for a good ten minutes, I tried to think of any possible use for them in my home. Hmmmm.....nothing.....and then, Ah hah! I have a very boring wreath hanging on my front door currently. These were the perfect solution to jazz it up! So with a little hot glue and a pair of scissors, I got to work!
What do you think? My husband just mentioned his distaste for peacock feathers to me....oh well....ha! Ironically, the wreath matches my desk calendar design for the month of February, too :o)

Monday, February 1, 2010

{My Classroom Crafting} Magnetic Letters!

{I used a combo of pink letters with white polka dots and dark pink, light pink, green and white striped letters}
{The G I made from a D}

Check out these magnetic letters that I found at Target in the dollar bins near the entrance to the store. A friend from work has them in her classroom and I thought they were adorable, so I went on the hunt for some for my own classroom. Unfortunately, most of the letters were sold out. Good thing I'm not afraid of a hot glue and a pair of scissors! I bought a few different letters and with a snip snip here and a little glue there - presto - this is the final product! I think they add a little something extra to the room, don't you?!?
I think these would also be cute for a child's bedroom or playroom!