Thursday, February 18, 2010

{Maternity Leave} Finally Relaxing!

Just like my little Ginger below, I'm finally relaxing and enjoying my maternity leave! Luckily it started two days before it was supposed to because of the blizzard of 2010!
I've been cleaning and organizing around my house, and I'm pretty much finished at this point. I've also had some extra time to do a little shopping, make some returns, get a mani/pedi, meet some girlfriends for lunch/dinner, update my blog, and most importantly, RELAX! I'm loving the much needed break.

I really pushed myself in January/February and took on a lot. In addition to my full-time job of a middle school English teacher, I also took a graduate course that was a ton of work (my prof luckily let me end a little early because the last class isn't until 2.24 and I will be delivering my son on 2.22), and I was also trying to finish up invitation orders. And in the last month, I had my baby shower and all of the gifts to organize, wash, put away, etc. Thank goodness my husband is handy and put together all the big items. We also had some rearranging to do in our home to make all the baby's items fit, not to mention cleaning! was SOOOOO crazy. Just waiting for Baby Boy to get here now!

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