Friday, February 5, 2010

{Crafting} Peacock Feather Wreath

{AFTER shot}

{Close up}

{BEFORE shot of the wreath}
{I love peacock feathers - it's even the theme for the month of February on my desk calendar}

{The feathers and peacock feathers used to give my old wreath a new look. I took these apart and rearranged to my liking.}

I stopped in Joann's Fabric Store the other day after work for ONE thing (which I never found by the way) and ended up leaving with an armful of goodies. Spring wreaths for my garage, some sparkly Easter eggs (those will be shown in a separate decorating post!), and these fun peacock feathers!!! I love peacock feathers, so I was immediately drawn to them the second they caught my eye. While I stood there admiring them for a good ten minutes, I tried to think of any possible use for them in my home. Hmmmm.....nothing.....and then, Ah hah! I have a very boring wreath hanging on my front door currently. These were the perfect solution to jazz it up! So with a little hot glue and a pair of scissors, I got to work!
What do you think? My husband just mentioned his distaste for peacock feathers to me....oh well....ha! Ironically, the wreath matches my desk calendar design for the month of February, too :o)

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