Saturday, February 13, 2010

{Dessert Idea} Happy Valentine's Day!

My hubby and I are staying in our little warm and cozy home for Valentine's Day this year and making our own dinner/dessert! We're actually celebrating tonight instead of tomorrow. Bo is making me dinner (my guy is an amazing cook - filet and crab cakes and asparagus - Mmmmm!). I'm in charge of dessert, so fondue it is! I'll admit it's not my most creative idea by any stretch, but it's fun and romantic and most importantly, delicious! Besides, at just a little over 38 weeks pregnant, I'm all about easy at this point!

I'm using a mini C & B fondue pot that a friend from work gave me for Christmas with dark chocolate fondue. And, I'm using strawberries, bananas, pound cake, marshmallows, pretzels, and chocolate glazed donut holes for dipping purposes - gotta try to balance the healthly and completely unhealthy!

Gifts? I got to pick out a new Vera! I have a ton of purses already, so I opted for a new lunch tote instead (the old one was on it's last leg). It's a pretty mossy green with splashes of lime green, turquoise blue, and white. And a beautiful bouquet of flowers now decorates my make me happy! My poor husband, on the other hand, didn't receive one fun V-Day gift this year. In total nesting mode, I purchased him a shoe rack for his closet, a 5-tiered hanger to create more space in his closet, and an organizer for his ties. attempt to get this man organized - it's not an easy feat! Sorry babe - love you!


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