Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{DIY} Yarn Wreath

What a weekend -- we were here, we were there, we were everywhere. Somehow I managed to squeeze in a little craft time and tried my hand at making a wreath. I choose a heathered gray yarn and made two little rosettes out of some fabric I gathered along the way. Lastly, I added some black & white polka dot fabric that I folded, ironed and tied to resemble ribbon.

Okay, okay -- I know they aren't the greatest looking rosettes, but I'm going easy on myself since this was my very first attempt at making them.

**It was majorly time-consuming wrapping that yarn around the wreath form...grrr.
**I burnt my finger with hot glue about 9 times before I finally finished making the rosettes -- OUCH!
**Now that it's all said and done, I'm loving the look of my new wreath on the door leading from my kitchen into my mudroom. All in all, well worth the time!



From a major house project {pics soon}, to a farmer's market trip, to hosting a little Mexican feast for the 'rents, to an amazing message at Joy Fellowship {that I so desperately needed to hear}, to a backyard bbq at our friends' home, to a trip to the swim club for the first time, to a Memorial Day family dinner...well, let's just say we had a busy weekend over here in NJ! While busy, I'm very, very thankful to have had three days to spend with my favorite people. I even managed to snap a few pics ;-}

Someone's having loads of fun at a backyard bbq...

...and couldn't get enough of all the big boy bikes that he very quickly learned to control -- YIKES!

Ginger was about the only one that relaxed all weekend {and Bo for a little cat nap while our sweetie pie snoozed upstairs}. Get a load of this dog -- seriously?!?! She thinks she's a human ;-}

A chlorine cocktail to kickoff summer never hurt anyone...

...neither did a little sandal & diaper swim in the pool at Mommom & Pop's house.

That is until the diappy got so huge from swelling with water that someone couldn't take it anymore...

...so he said the heck with it and gave everyone a show before ending the night with...

...a little, sweet corn on the cobby -- Mmmmmm ;-}


Monday, May 30, 2011

{Featured} Mother's Day Brunch on Celebrations at Home

Remember my Mother's Day brunch? It was featured yesterday on one of my favorite blogs for party inspiration, Celebrations at Home !!!

Thank you for the kind feature, Chris!

**I hope you are all enjoying this Memorial Day weekend -- more work than play for me {details later} but great nonetheless!

Friday, May 27, 2011

{Holiday} Happy Memorial Day

Wishing you and yours a HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!

**To those that have made the ultimate sacrafice for our freedom, I sincerely honor you and thank you for your service to our country.

**Since it's the official kickoff to summer this weekend, I figured I'd share a pic of something that not only screams SUMMER to me, but also reminds me of what my grandmother's childhood on the Wildwood boardwalk might have been like.

Year 1920's & 30's :: Mommom Dart's {Dorothy June} grandfather owned a salt water taffy shop on the boardwalk {Lowe's Candy & Fudge}, and her family lived in an apartment above the shop until she was eight years old. My mom has old black & white photos of my grandmother and her brother on the boards as young children -- they would play on a nearby carousal and then collapse on the benches that line the boardwalk afterwards :-} I could sift through those delicate, old photos for hours.

Year 2007- present day :: We spend a lot of time in North Wildwood over the summer with my hubby's family, who reside in Grassy Sound, a small community of homes that sit on the bay. We usually brave the boards, which is a much different place now than when my grandmother grew up there, at least once during the summer. I always make sure I walk by the place where Mommom Dart spent her early years. A Dunkin' Donuts has replaced what used to be the salt water taffy shop. Standing, staring, imagining, I conjure up vivid images of my grandmother as an innocent, curly-haired girl spending her days on that sunny, full-of-life, where-dreams-are-made block on Pine and the boardwalk.

Ahhh -- a girl can dream, can't she?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

{Inspiration} Yarn Wreaths - L.O.V.E

I love all of the adorable yarn wreaths that I have been seeing everywhere. And last week while in Joann's on a hunt for fabric, some yarn jumped out at me. On a whim, I bought it. I'm going to attempt to make one of these myself -- "attempt" being the key word here.

The flower on the above wreath is a little too complex for this rookie ;-}

This is more my speed -- I'd like to try these more simple flowers made from felt.

Or maybe these fabric rosettes -- have been in love with these for a long time.

------------ All pics via Pinterest ------------

**Have you been on Pinterest yet? Oh my, oh my, oh my!!! You must explore!
**I just received my invitation to join last night, so I'll be creating some of my own boards soon, and it will finally give me the opportunity to organize all of the hundreds of inspiration pics I save to my hard drive {oopsie} and get them assembled in some sort of organized fashion!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{Random} It's All in the Details...

I have always been detail-oriented and somewhat of a perfectionist {I'm not trying to boast -- I consider this one of my character flaws -- seriously!}. I'm not just talking in the more recent years -- I'm talking about even when I was very little. My mom has plenty of stories ;-}

Fast forward to this past weekend :: I was flipping through the newest PB catolog and noticed the smallest little detail on one of the pages. Do you see the fabric sample pinned to fabric board {top sample in the row on the left. It's also the same fabric as the bolt on the desk -- the one in the middle}? Well, it's the same fabric I recently used to cover the cushion for the storage bench in my family room!

You know you're a little too detail obsessed when you notice these crazy, little things ;-}

**I found those adorable ruffle pillows at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago -- they pick up the turquoise in the fabric and totally didn't break the bank. LOVE when that happens!
**Lots of summer house projects planned -- can't wait to share!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

{Random} Class of 2011

I have loved Bakerella's little candy cup graduation caps since I first laid eyes on them a while back but just didn't have an occasion to make them. That is until this past Sunday ;-} I graduated with my master's degree in school counseling from Wilmington University!!!!!!

I wanted to use the caps as favors for our parents who were all coming to my graduation and joining us for a celebration dinner after the ceremony. So, I made favor tags to attach to each. They matched the graduation invitation I made and sent out a few weeks before {Subway Art Style}.

Because I had to transport these little guys, I wrapped each in a clear cellophane bag, tied with ribbon and attached the little tag.

Wilmington's colors are green and white, which explains why you're seeing a lot of it in this post...

The only thing I forgot was the little colored chip for the top of the cap -- oh well -- they served their purpose regardless and everyone loved them. Such a cute addition to any dessert table or graduation party!

Just a few quick pics from my graduation :: Exiting the stage with diploma in hand!

Trying to find my family in a sea of green and white {they could see me apparantly as my father-in-law snapped this pic unbeknowst to me!}.

Family pic -- Dean was not exactly cooperating so this was the best one we got -- ha!

Wannabe graduate ;-}

We had dinner at the Iron Hill Brewery, which we were able to walk to from the location of the ceremony {Chase Center}. This was a really cool brewery, served yummy food, and was right on the river -- will definitely be going back again!

**I took the day off yesterday to decompress a little, run a few errands, and hang out with my little mister. Ahhh, so nice and a preview of the summer fun and relaxation coming my way in about a month -- thank goodness!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

{Inspiration} Studio Craft Space

How nice would it be to have a space like this?! I would definitely put it to good use ;-}

----- Photo via Family Circle -----


Thursday, May 19, 2011

{Invitations} What's POPPIN'?

I made bridal shower invitations not long ago that were inspired by a local 50's soda shop/diner, The POP Shop. My girlfriend, Carolyn, asked if I would use the same design and color scheme for her children's upcoming birthday party. Both are May babies, and I think she is extremely savvy to kill two birds with one stone and throw one party to celebrate both of them! Savvy not only for her wallet but also her sanity ;-}

**I'll be sharing some Mexican eats & drinks with the birthday boy & girl's mama and some other gals tonight for a Girls' Night at El Vez. Can't wait!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{Invitations} Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We just wrapped up our second Gourmet Night {a fabulous Mexican feast at our friends' home -- Jamie & John}. We're up next and our June 4th Gourmet Night "Ballpark Style" is quickly approaching -- YIKES! Life has been so busy that I just realized the other day I had better get my invitations in the mail ASAP {they still haven't made it yet -- this weekend hopefully}.

Here's what I came up with :: classic baseball pinstripes but on a diagonal, a navy and brick red color palette, subtle baseball touches, and fun & festive verbage.

Now time to plan the menu and some of fun details. Here's a little inspiration to get my creative juices flowing....

**I just spotted this picture the other day, and for the life of me, I can't remember where -- my brain is mush these days. I'd love to credit it properly so if anyone knows where it originated, please send my way!
**Stay tuned for a sneak peek of Gourmet Night "Ballpark Style" and a full party post with all the details in June!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{In Action} A HOOTin' Good Time!

"In Action" is a new series I'm adding to my blog in which I will be featuring real parties displaying party goods I have created. First up is a party I've talked about quite a bit on my blog -- Miss CeCe's Owl Themed First Birthday.

CeCe's mama, Patty, is a good friend of mine. I've also shared some of her delicious recipes here as well. She did such a fabulous job creating a beautiful and detailed party for her little sweetie this past weekend. Check out her amazing candy display above!

All the pops of pink and tangerine were so summery and fun!

Guests were able to fill little to-go bags with candy...

...and for the little ones it was owl crayons.

Pretty sweets table!

Check out the cake -- it was inspired by the HOOT collection {which was inspired by CeCe}!

Cupcakes with toppers for the kidlets...

...and all kinds of yummy goodness for all to enjoy.

Gourmet soda, anyone?

Twig tree...

...with little owls attached to ribbon. Cute!

Owl pinata for the kids, and you can also see some of the pretty poms and owl lanterns Patty made to hang in the trees!

The sweet birthday girl in her coordinating birthday attire. CeCe's grandmom is holding her. Can you see that she is also wearing an owl shirt?! CeCe's mama and aunt were also sportin' owl shirts ;-}

CeCe's future husband and my son, Dean, who is having a grand ole' time in the sea of candy from the pinata ;-}


**Up next week is Jake's Communion!
**If you have party photos featuring invitations or party goods from Studio LIME Design, feel free to send them my way for the "In Action" series!

Monday, May 16, 2011

{Fun Stuff} Celebration Banner

I've been making an attempt lately to create my own cards, and I'm trying to have a little fun with it {I think I mentioned before that I've been boycotting store-bought cards b/c they cost mucho dinero}.

I made this little "celebration banner" in lieu of a card for the birthday party we went to this weekend. Celebration banners can be used in multiple ways. The banner or flag is attached to a skewer and then dressed up with some ribbon. These look cute sticking out of a giftbag, tucked under some ribbon on a wrapped giftbox, or even attached to a wine bottle! Or stick one in a vase filled with jelly beans or another kind of filler or a flower pot/centerpiece for a completely different use.

**Wishing you all a quick and painless Monday!
**Missing my curly haired cutie today...:-{ BUT only 4 more Mondays until SUMMER LOVIN' TIME!

Friday, May 13, 2011

{TGIF} Bliss...

...is my wish for you this weekend. ENJOY!

{Image via The Sweetest Occasion -- my latest BLOG CRUSH!}

Thursday, May 12, 2011

{Invitations} HOOT Collection

I just wrapped up the party collection I started last month for my girlfriend's baby girl's first birthday party. This pink & tangerine owl themed party is going to be adorable. CeCe's mama has been keeping me in the "party details loop," and I'm very excited to see how everything comes together -- party this weekend!

**I'm thinking about adding a series to my blog featuring real parties where the invitation collections/party goods I've created for customers and friends are in use! Stay tuned...
**Now that my Mother's Day Brunch is over, I'm focusing my energies on our June Gourmet Night {Ballpark Style}. Having lots of fun with this one already -- more details SOON!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{Random} Transition

I was completely and totally shocked on Mother's Day morning when I opened a brand new Apple MacBook Pro {a gift from Dean *wink*}. Floored is more like it -- I was NOT expecting that AT ALL. I'm pretty sure it's a combo Mother's Day/graduation gift {and maybe birthday too ;-} In any case, please bear with me as I transition. I've been a PC user all my life, so it's going to take me some time to learn the "Mac" ropes, which means I may not be able to make my daily posts {sure gonna try though}! Thanks in advance for your understanding!

**I am LOVING THIS WEATHER and completely and totally soaking in every second of its sunshiney sweetness with walks, trips to the park with Dean and his cousins/friends, playing in the backyard, wide open windows, etc. ARE YOU?!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

{Parties} Mother's Day Brunch

Mother's Day was a wonderful day spent with both sides of our families. My husband and I hosted a brunch for our parents only, which made for a really nice, relaxing time.

I had so much fun putting my table together {my husband told me after everyone left that my silverware was arranged wrong -- I can NEVER remember how it goes ;-}. I wanted a very springy feel with lots of flowers and pretty pops of pinks and yellows, so I covered my placemats with some fabric I bought {inspired my friend Alyssa's beautiful Gourmet Night table} and added four vases dressed up with fabric and ribbon {inspired by this post from Hostess with the Mostess} and filled with inexpensive bunches of flowers from Shoprite's floral department. Then I anchored the table with a large lantern filled with candles.

A little menu was tucked inside each guest's napkin.

At my mom and MIL's place setting, I added a pitcher filled with flowers and a frame, which held a picture of each mom and her children many, many moons ago. This dressed up my table a little more, was a special, little touch for each mom, and doubled as their Mother's Day gift as well.

We started off our brunch with a Mimosa toast...

...followed by some really yummy banana nut french toast and other brunch eats. This french toast was a hit and so simple to make. All we did was purchase banana nut bread from Shoprite, dip in your normal french toast batter {egg, milk, cinnamon, nutmeg}, fry, and then doctor it up with some sliced bananas and strawberries for presentation. Done!

Mother's Day was also my hubby's birthday this year, so I did a little sweets bar just for him {he didn't mind that it was very girly looking -- hey, had to stay in keeping with my color scheme here -- ha!}. I covered my mirror with the same fabric I used on my table and added a little twig tree with some hanging crystals in a pitcher.

Then I had powdered donuts...

...some iced sugar cookies that I added toppers from Two Sugar Babies {the most ADORABLE toppers you've ever seen in your life} to that inspired the entire brunch.

A simple cake, which I added a topper to {LOVE for my hubby}...

...and lastly, I added one of my favorite Mother's Day quotes to the spread. This quote inspires me to have a Godly heart, a kind heart, a patient heart, a heart that will teach and model all of these things to my precious boy.

**That quote is the exact reason why I want to stay home with my son.
**My husband and I are a team in every sense of the word. As a working mom, it would have been really hard to put all of this together without his help. I decorate and plan, he shops and helps me with the cooking. LOVE THAT MAN -- so thankful for him!
**Have you checked out my "Parties" tab? All kinds of party inspiration for you! I'm working on getting the other tabs updated as quickly as I can.
**Wishing ya'll a quick week!