Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{Gifts} Idea{less}

Most of us want for nothing these days. This "presents" a bit of a predicament when trying to buy presents. I'm in desperate need of some new ideas because as of late, I'm fresh out.

I just put together this little gift for my girlfriend Nicole {her bday was last Friday -- I'm a little late -- ooops}. I bought a little giftbag from Target that can be reused as a lunch tote or something like that. Then I filled it with things she loves -- some crossword puzzle books, a new summer read that I've heard rave reviews about -- The Help, a giftcard to Dunkin' Donuts and lastly, I made her a bookmark for her new read. I've been boycotting cards for a while now because they are so expensive and usually go straight in the trashcan, so a simple handmade one it was. I punched a hole in it and attached it to the bag with some ribbon.

So...I've got a slew of gifts to buy this week for upcoming events. Did I forget to mention my budget is $20-25 per gift? Help!!! If I had endless funds then I could have all kinds of fun buying cute things;-}

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