Monday, May 16, 2011

{Fun Stuff} Celebration Banner

I've been making an attempt lately to create my own cards, and I'm trying to have a little fun with it {I think I mentioned before that I've been boycotting store-bought cards b/c they cost mucho dinero}.

I made this little "celebration banner" in lieu of a card for the birthday party we went to this weekend. Celebration banners can be used in multiple ways. The banner or flag is attached to a skewer and then dressed up with some ribbon. These look cute sticking out of a giftbag, tucked under some ribbon on a wrapped giftbox, or even attached to a wine bottle! Or stick one in a vase filled with jelly beans or another kind of filler or a flower pot/centerpiece for a completely different use.

**Wishing you all a quick and painless Monday!
**Missing my curly haired cutie today...:-{ BUT only 4 more Mondays until SUMMER LOVIN' TIME!

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