Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{DIY} Yarn Wreath

What a weekend -- we were here, we were there, we were everywhere. Somehow I managed to squeeze in a little craft time and tried my hand at making a wreath. I choose a heathered gray yarn and made two little rosettes out of some fabric I gathered along the way. Lastly, I added some black & white polka dot fabric that I folded, ironed and tied to resemble ribbon.

Okay, okay -- I know they aren't the greatest looking rosettes, but I'm going easy on myself since this was my very first attempt at making them.

**It was majorly time-consuming wrapping that yarn around the wreath form...grrr.
**I burnt my finger with hot glue about 9 times before I finally finished making the rosettes -- OUCH!
**Now that it's all said and done, I'm loving the look of my new wreath on the door leading from my kitchen into my mudroom. All in all, well worth the time!



From a major house project {pics soon}, to a farmer's market trip, to hosting a little Mexican feast for the 'rents, to an amazing message at Joy Fellowship {that I so desperately needed to hear}, to a backyard bbq at our friends' home, to a trip to the swim club for the first time, to a Memorial Day family dinner...well, let's just say we had a busy weekend over here in NJ! While busy, I'm very, very thankful to have had three days to spend with my favorite people. I even managed to snap a few pics ;-}

Someone's having loads of fun at a backyard bbq...

...and couldn't get enough of all the big boy bikes that he very quickly learned to control -- YIKES!

Ginger was about the only one that relaxed all weekend {and Bo for a little cat nap while our sweetie pie snoozed upstairs}. Get a load of this dog -- seriously?!?! She thinks she's a human ;-}

A chlorine cocktail to kickoff summer never hurt anyone...

...neither did a little sandal & diaper swim in the pool at Mommom & Pop's house.

That is until the diappy got so huge from swelling with water that someone couldn't take it anymore...

...so he said the heck with it and gave everyone a show before ending the night with...

...a little, sweet corn on the cobby -- Mmmmmm ;-}


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