Monday, May 9, 2011

{Invitations} {B}aby {B}oy {B}unting

I recently made invitations, favor tags and bunting for a baby boy shower. I just love how this set turned out -- the colors are soft and pretty {light blue & celery green}. I adore soft, sweet colors for babies -- there is plenty of time for bold color choices as they get older, but the soft, sweet pastel colors suit the pureness and innocence that only a baby possesses so perfectly.

I am addicted to look of bunting, but mostly I love it as a cake topper, so I attempted to make my first bunting topper. Let me tell you -- not an easy feat, but I think it's going to look adorable on the cake!


I'll be posting some pics and details from the Mother's Day brunch I hosted sometime this week, but here's a quick teaser until I can get the entire post together. Can you guess what these are? Let's just say it was a very "tasty" way to start our brunch ;-}

**I had a MOST FABULOUS weekend. It was NON-STOP from the moment I got home from work on Friday until the moment I finally was able to unwind on Sunday night, but all worth it. From a night out with my cousins and a little dinner date with my hubby, to another Gourment Night with good friends, to a Mother's Day to go down in the books...well...I didn't want it to end. I am one LUCKY girl! And I am also soooo looking forward to much more low-key weekend next week ;-}

**Hoping your weekend was just as wonderful and that all you hard-working & selfless mommies had a great day with your loved ones!

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