Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{Random} Loving...

{Image via In His Grace Photography}
1. This picture {THOSE flowers against THAT dress!}!
2. The warm and beautiful day we had here in NJ yesterday
3. Park trips, walks & talks with my sis and our babies {and our where-in-the-world-would-we-be-without-her mother}
4. That this week is halfway over
5. That summer is just around the corner, which means an 11 week break from work, lazy, summer days spent with my boyfriend at the pool, the shore, the park, etc, and a fun family vaca as the finale
6. That my baby boy is feeling better after an icky cold
7. That my husband is the most patient man alive {especially with me...and especially yesterday ;-}
8. That even though I struggle with making Him my number one priority, God still loves me {and forgives me}.

I could go on and on, but I've been putting a limit on how much time I spend creating my posts...AND...time is up. Peace!

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