Three little words that define the goal and mission of Studio LIME Design.

DEFINE :: A girl with a true passion, zeal, and appreciation for all things creative.
HEART & SOUL :: Bo -- husband, best friend, biggest fan & supporter.  Dean -- 3 year old angel boy.  Drew -- the sweetest baby girl alive.  Ginger -- 4 year old Beagle.
BY DAY :: Wife, Mother, Teacher.
BY NIGHT :: Wife, Mother, Creative Soul.
ABODE :: A quiet, Southern NJ suburb of historic Philadelphia.
STYLE :: Traditional, classic, and timeless with a twist of unexpected.
LOVES :: A steaming cup of jo, a pretty bouquet of flowers, getting all dolled up, a freshly cut lawn, the beauty of each of the four seasons we experience in NJ, the smell of my baby girl after her tubby, my son's curls {just like his Mama!}, the salty, sweet smell of the ocean, pizza & wine Fridays at home with my husband, Sunday dinners with my entire family, the holidays, watching Dean and Drew play with their cousins, ETC, ETC, ETC.
CRAVES :: "Me" time, date nights with my hubby, snuggle time with my babies, talks, laughs & cries with my mom & sister, and a stronger relationship with the Lord.
HOPES & DREAMS :: Stay-at-home mama to my sweet R. Dean & Drew Rebecca, who are going to be all grown up in the blink of an eye. 
UNDER THE SURFACE :: A girl with imperfections galore that struggles with the juggling act that life has become.


Just a little glimpse that only begins to scratch the surface of the girl behind SLD...