Sunday, December 15, 2013

{Christmas} Xmas Cards 2013

Today I'm sharing my Christmas cards. This fall I took a picture of my babies on a beautiful day and threw in a few little props. The red wreath hangs on my door for the Christmas season, and the turquoise stool is a Home Goods find that is used in the bathroom so Dean can reach his toothbrush and turn on and off the water at the sink.

I took over 50 pictures, and there was NOT ONE with both of my children making eye contact with the camera and looking semi cute. So, I settled on this picture. You can't even see my baby girl's little face, but there is something sweet about her with the stool, so I went with it. And hey, it's real. My kids will barely look at the camera for a picture, and if they do, it's a miracle. To get a smile on top of eye contact is a rarity! So, this is real life with my littles ;-}

I incorporated red and turquoise on the wrap labels this year. Off they went in the mail last week. Now, onto finishing my shopping, wrapping gifts, preparing a menu for Christmas brunch, etc. Busy, busy! Enjoy your Christmas!


  1. Oh- I LOVED this card. Matt even commented that it was a nice card and he is usually oblivious :) merry christmas kate!!! xo

  2. Thanks, Ame! That is such a nice compliment. I loved your card as well :-}