Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{Parties} Gourmet Night

My husband and I and four other couples that we are friends with are getting together on a monthly basis for dinner -- aka Gourmet Night. Here's how it works -- on the second Saturday of the month, each couple takes a turn at hosting the other four couples for dinner. The hosts are responsible for the entire meal and the guests bring the wine. Love it!

Gary & Alyssa hosted the first Gourmet Night this past weekend at their lovely home in Wenonah. Alyssa has exquisite taste and put together an absolutely stunning appetizer display featuring all different kinds of gourmet cheeses, crackers, grapes, olives, etc. Her presentation was so creative -- she used slate to house the cheese and then used chalk to label each different kind. Not only that, but instead of serving dishes, Alyssa used terra cotta pots. I felt like I was in a rustic Italian bistro and the terra cotta added a springy feel. Beautiful!

**The pics don't do this justice -- trust me!

My cute hubby diggin' right in...

Toasting Gourmet Night -- it was so nice to get out for the night with my husband and enjoy good food, a glass of wine {or 2...okay 3!} and the company of some great people.

After we enjoyed the appetizers, we moved upstairs to G & A's dining room, where Alyssa created one of the most gorgeous table settings I've ever seen. It was so springy -- all the greens were perfect for this time of year. I think it helps that their home is one of my favorites -- very Pottery Barnesque but with Alyssa's flare added in.

You can get a better look in this picture. I love all the little potted greens sprinkled all over the table.

This picture shows what may have been my favorite detail of the night. Every other place setting featured a hand-crafted charger {made by Alyssa}. She used a plate-sized piece of cardboard and glued greens all around it. Then sat the plates on top. CLEVER! I love this look and may use this as inspiration for the Mother's Day brunch I'm hosting for my mom and MIL.

Crafty menus for each place setting.

Flatbread pizza made by G & A - YUM!

Delicious Italian desserts to end the night.

G & A -- EVERYTHING was WONDERFUL! We are so happy to be a part of Gourmet Night!

**Bo and I are hosting in June. I'm kicking around ideas now -- a Sushi Night/Asian Fushion might be fun when it's our turn. Oh, I don't know! Stay tuned for those details in the coming months!

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