Thursday, March 10, 2011

{Inspiration} Blog Love

I am completely inspired by two things about this picture :: the blog I found it on and the shelving.

Let me begin with the blog -- have you checked out Favorite Paint Colors? It's a new blog that's dedicated to beautiful paint colors, and I'm LOVING it because that's always what I struggle with most when decorating. I have a vision of the color I want to see on the wall, but can never seem to find it. I've already found this blog extremely helpful -- I'm even thinking I might need to repaint my bathroom now ;-] My husband will be thrilled will this news...especially after he reads the paragraph below.

I am also loving the open shelving in this picture. I've mentioned a new kitchen floor and a built-in desk before -- none of which has happened yet. Hoping I can convince my hubby to start the floor soon, and I'm still brainstorming ideas on the desk. I've been thinking about just keeping it simple and adding a skinny piece of floating countertop with a stool that can be hidden underneath as the desk. Then, using the above picture as inspiration, incorporating some open shelving and maybe even updating my kitchen message center, which is on the same wall {PB will be my inspiration on that one}.

Don't you just love the adorable, brightly colored, framed children's wall art in the above pic as well? Nothing like it! I can't wait to do this with Dean's creations -- my poor boy has no idea what he's in for with me as his mother -- HA!

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