Friday, March 25, 2011

{LOVE} Hair Accessories

I have recently been having a love affair with pretty flower hair accessories. How beautiful is this one from Whippy Cake?

LOVE this one -- the Audrey by Banner Boutique. How fitting is the name {and how precious is that little model -- adorable!}? Ahhh...I wish I had an occassion to get dressed up because this would be so cute!

Banner Boutique also makes this sassy little number!

I ordered these sweet little clips for a wedding I went to a few years ago. I'm so bummed because this Etsy seller's shop is no longer open -- boo hoo. She has GREAT hair accessories and was very reasonable. Come back Mollusa!



  1. Kate, they are SOOO easy to make! and they're are a few really easy tutorials on youtube that can help :)

  2. I've been thinking about trying to make my own, although I doubt they'll look anything like the ones above - ha! Thanks for the tip about YouTube -- will check it out!