Monday, March 21, 2011

{Invitations} POP Shop Inspired Invitations

I recently made these Pop Shop inspired bridal shower invitations for a friend from work. The bridal shower was held in the Pop Shop's party room, so we set up the invite to resemble the Pop Shop's sign. I think they turned out really cute!

Speaking of "things that pop," I found this adorable "POP" baby shower on P is for Party's blog. I love some of the details, especially these glass jars filled with flavored "POP"corn. How cute!


And these scrapbook paper cones to hold the popcorn are adorable too. I made some of these for my sister's baby sprinkle last summer, and they add such a nice "POP" of color to party decor.

**Don't miss my post tomorrow on our first Gourmet Night at our friend's home. Lots of beautiful entertaining details!


Monday again = back to the grind. And to make matters worse the cold, wintery weather is back again :-[

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