Friday, July 2, 2010

{Parties} Becky's Baby Sprinkle

Last night couldn't have been a more perfect night for my sister's sprinkle. The weather was beautiful and all the details that I've been working on for the last few weeks came together so nicely. As with most parties, the invitation is the building block from which all the details are inspired.

Inspired by Pottery Barn bedding I saw in the catalog, I used the color palette of light pink, dark pink, and turquoise. Becky doesn't know the sex of the baby so I had to incorporate both pink and blue. As you'll notice, I definitely leaned more toward the pink end of the color spectrum....haha. I'm thinking girl on this one! And since the sprinkle was being held in July, I thought nothing screamed summer more than ice cream, hence all of the ice cream details.

Speaking of details...I think they make an ordinary event spectacular! The popcorn tower I made was one of my favorite details of the night. I used different scrapbook papers to create cones that held the caramel corn, and I used a tiered stand I had to create the "tower."

Another one of my favorite details was the ice cream cone shaped crab dip. I can't even take credit for this hubby made it! He's really great in the kitchen and suggested using an ice cream cone cookie cutter I had to create the cream cheese molds for the dip. Then he used a toothpick to make lines to resemble a cone.

I used different fabrics from Joannes to create the table covers throughout the outdoor space. Instead of buying actual table covers, the fabric was a simple and inexpensive fix, and I was able to stay in keeping with the colors of the sprinkle. I also made bunting (the flag banner) to drap across the front of the table. I tied it together with cute ribbon, and used the same scrapbook papers from the popcorn cones to make the enlarged letters.

One table held the drinks. I served raspberry iced tea and....

...a pitcher of "materni"tinis! I love creating a signature cocktail for an event, and I thought the name of this martini was very fitting for the occassion :)

I wanted Becky to have something in writing from the guests that she could reflect on in the future. So, I made a mini tree out of branches from my backyard and arranged them in a galvanized bucket I had. I asked each guest to write Becky a blessing on the tags I made and then hang them on the tree.

While in Annapolis a few weeks ago, I was drawn to a storefront with these beautiful crey paper flowers. I tried to recreate them using tissue paper and floral tape and wire from Joannes. I made three of them (it took, put them in a clear glass vase and filled the vase with turquoise beads.

I really wanted to create a special (and comfy) seat for my sister while she opened her gifts. I used my favorite chair from my craft room and added a little side table from my guest room to get the look I was going for. The chair was not only a comfortable place for a mommy-to-be to sit, but the turquoise and white fabric was perfect! On the table next to the chair, I put the invitation, a candle, and an ultrasound pic of Baby H. that I had enlarged and framed.

I used card tables and patio seating for the guests. To jazz up the tables, I added more fabric tablecovers from Joannes and some simple flower arrangements. I purchased a few bunches of flowers from Shoprite, arranged myself in jars, added some ribbon, and voila!

The dessert table was next to the drink table, and was filled with yummy sweetness! I made marshmallow pops, the caramel popcorn tower, and set up the toppings for the ice cream bar.

My cousin's wife, Kelly, made a gorgeous diaper cake for my sister. It was so pretty, I had to display it on the dessert table! She made it look so adorable by adding pretty ribbon (all in my color scheme) and even added a handmade ice cream cone made from some of the papers I used on the invitation. LOVE IT! I think she should go into business...don't you?!?!

Both tables together...

The entire outdoor space...

A "sprinkle" is a mini baby shower and that's what inspired the ice cream sundae bar. Using ice cream cups from a local ice cream parlor, I added tags to the front and served to my guests. I pre-scooped the ice cream and added the spoons prior to the start of the much easier for the hostess!

My mother-in-law lent me these adorable pale pink goblets for my sundae toppings. I love them!

I used my scrapbook paper once again to make mini flags for some of the appetizers and the pickles.

In addition, I made food tags for everything served.

Apps are my fav! I could just eat appetizers and dessert every night :)

I made poms to hang above my island where I served the food.

I also used some poms on top of vases on my buffet table, and used this space for my party favors. They sat on a cupcake stand that I adorned with ribbon.

I planned on making the cookies myself, but I ran short on time. I guess that's what bakeries are for! So, I asked Ritz Bakery to make me big round sugar cookies with pink and turquoise icing with white polka dots. I bought clear celophane bags and made little favor tags to package them.

Some of the girls cousins and aunts with Becky.

Bec getting ready to open some presents...

The sweet little handmade card my sister-in-law, Jane, made. How cute!

I saw this sparkly ice cream cone ornament in a Christmas Shop in Stone Harbor. I thought it would be a cute keepsake for my sister.

I can't forget about my boyfriend, Jack! He's going to a big brother and that's pretty special! I ordered him a "big brother" tee from my fav, Etsy. He's going to be so cute wearing this on his trip to the hospital to meet his new sister or brother :)

Speaking of Etsy...I ordered some pink flower clips for a wedding I went to last summer, and I thought they would be perfect for the sprinkle. Like I've said a million times before, I heart details!


Lastly, I made some matching thank you cards for my sister's gift basket. Couldn't resist using the ice cream cones one last time!

All in all, it was a great time of celebration over a new little person about to enter our family. I love being an aunt and can't wait to meet Miles or Mia!


  1. KATE!! I think you found your calling!!! A professional event planner!! Way to go!! Love all the details! And your photos sure do look nice from your new camera!!

  2. Thanks Steph! I am having fun with my new camera....what a world of difference in the pictures it takes!

  3. This is exceptionally done well...... I live in DC and would love to see your stuff on TV or in our area.
    Erica from DC

  4. ***BLUSH*** Thank you so much for your kind words, Erica! I am hoping to make my products available through Etsy in the near future. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. SO when shall I start my bitch blog?? I can sit on you blog for hours...I swear. I'll have to share some pics after the girls big party...Jamie is coming over tomorrow to teach me how to make the puff balls!!

  6. Ha! Joann -- you're too funny! Have fun making poms...they are pretty easy once you get the hang of it. And I'd love to see pics of the girls' party! Thanks for the compliment on my blog too <3