Wednesday, July 14, 2010

{Crafting} Binky Holders

My almost 5 month old son loves his binky. I have fallen in love with "binky holders" because they keep the bink attached to his body when it falls out of his mouth 100 times a day and keeps me from having to continually wash it after touching the ground. I've grown bored of the two I have from Target, so my cousin's wife, Kelly, gave me these little clips she found online. The pink one will be going to my sister if she has a little girl in September :-} Here's what I've got so far...

Using a needle and thread, I looped one end of the ribbon through the clip and stitched it closed. On the other end I attached a button {I might have to adjust this because it's probably not the safest option...I'm thinking major choking hazard} and made a little loop with the thread as a clasp. In the picture below, you can see how it holds the binky in place.

All you need are these little clips, some cute ribbon {I just used ribbon I had upstairs in my craft room}, a needle and thread, and buttons {I have a big jar from extras that come attached to new clothes}. I still have to finish this one....I'm going with a red, white and navy/patriotic look for summer.

This one was my favorite before Ginger worked her magic on it. It was chocolate brown ribbon with a white ticking stripe. This picture actually kind of makes me laugh now....not so much this afternoon when I found it in a million pieces on the family room floor - ha! There was also a yellow clip....she got that one too - ugh!

Dean's new bink holder in action! Do you see a little red in his hair and eyebrows or is it just me?!?

No reason for posting this picture other than my little guy looks adorable in it....I just LOVE him like crazy!

{Thanks for the clips, Kel!}

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