Saturday, July 31, 2010

{Decorating} Guest Room Bedding

I'm working on my guest bedroom, which used to be our third floor attic. When we bought the house last spring, we had it dry-walled, taped, spackled, and Bo painted it. Then we added berber carpeting. Next, my father-in-law and Bo took one of the rooms and made a huge walk-in closet for me...nothing fancy, just a place for all of my clothes. There is another small room that I'm now finally converting into a guest room. My parents recently gave me my old bedroom furniture, which was also my mom's bedroom furniture when she was a little girl. I plan on painting it and using it for Dean's big boy bedroom in the future. For now, it'll go in the "guest room."

I found this pretty quilt for a steal at TJ Maxx! Love that store...hit or miss but it was definitely a hit last week when my mom and I were there...I had to restrain myself so my husband wouldn't kill me for spending too much money!

I will post pics of the finished space when it's done! Lots to do up there :-}

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