Tuesday, April 6, 2010

{Decorating} My Baby Boy's Pictures

I finally choose the newborn pictures of Dean that I wanted to purchase, received them in the mail on disk last week, made my prints at Target the other day and FINALLY found a few minutes to get them in frames and scatter them around the house so I can see my boy's sweet face in whatever room I go! Check them out below!

All pictures taken by Melissa Stottman Photography.

{Giant frames in the dining room}

{Family room wall ledges}

{Belly pic in my office}

{Shelf in the kitchen}

{Dean's nursery. I used the old frames as a backdrop for the pictures instead of as frames.}

{Aren't these cute? I ordered three of these little accordian books from Melissa - one for me and one for each of the grandmoms. I gave them as Easter presents this year. They are tiny little brag books for your purse.}

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