Monday, November 21, 2011

{Just For Fun} Hendricks Crew

This weekend I had the pleasure of taking some pictures of some super cute kids. Two were my niece and nephew and the other two were my niece and nephew's cousins {on my sister's husband's side of the family}. My sis' husband and his siblings are hoping to give their parents some pictures of all four grandchildren for Christmas. I'm far from a photographer, but they asked me, so I said I'd give it a shot. Yikes. It's hard to get FOUR kids to cooperate, all look at the camera, and smile on cue at the same time.

Hence unsuccessful attempt #1.

Here are a few of my favorite individual shots.

Maura Kate.

Jack David.

Charlie May.

Blakely and her pretty mama. Sweet girl was not too keen on getting her picture taken, so I opted for one with mommy & baby together.

Jack & Char having a little "promised" fun after being such good little subjects for their photoshoot.

**GRATEFUL for a 3 day work week!
**LOTS to do before I'm ready to host Thanksgiving at my home -- details soon!
**Some house projects underway and nearly complete -- pics soon!


  1. Kate- When I took pictures of Ella and Grayson I decorated a scrunchie to look like a monster. I then attached it to my lens to make them laugh while taking the pics, maybe you could try this next time!

  2. Thanks for the tip -- sounds really cute! My friend and photographer, Karen Carpenter, uses one of those too!