Sunday, July 14, 2013

{Decorating} Hair Clip Frame

I've tried my best to jazz up my daughter's nursery a little with some pretty touches here and there since I decided to keep the blue walls, rug, and bedding that she inherited from her big brother. In another two years, we'll do it up girly style with a big girl bedroom. Until then...let me introduce to you yet another Pinterest knockoff ;-} In other words, an old frame with wire to hold some of my baby girl's clips.

It was simple really. The frame originally came from my in-laws home. I spray painted it lime green for my son's first birthday party. Then last summer I added wire to the frame to hang pictures of my parents and family for their 60th birthday dinner. So, all I had to do was find a spot to hang this baby and add some clips.

Enter in a lonely little wall on the other side of my girl's closet. You don't even see it unless you walk all the way into the nursery, stand at the far wall, and turn around and face to door. It's slightly hidden, which I kinda like.

So, these clips? Not much use for them at this point. As you can see, my girlie is pretty much a baldie! I love that little, round, peach fuzzed head. And I'll be ready with some cute clips when her hair finally does decide to come in ;-} No worries...I was bald until I was two {my mom used to tape bows on my bald head...ha!} and if you know me now, then you know I've got a head of hair on me.

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