Sunday, September 8, 2013

{Giving} Back-to-School

The kiddies are pretty much all back to school at this point, and another school year is underway. I'm still somewhat in a state of shock that my little mister is now in preschool two mornings a week. We met his teachers last week at orientation, and his first official day is Monday, September 9th. I'm not trying to brown nose, but as a teacher myself and a parent, I wanted my son's teachers to know how much we appreciate them {and pray that they are caring, loving, patient individuals with hearts for children} by sending in a little teacher gift.

I haven't been in the classroom since last November and am taking another year off to be home with my children, but I know I would have loved these little personalized note cards. In fact, I always kept a stack of notecards in my desk at school because there would be many times that I would want to send a little thank you to a student, a note home to a parent, or an encouraging note to a fellow teacher.

I also made some matching apple tags that I plan on attaching to little treat bags. I used pretzels to display how I might use the tags, but I plan on sending in chocolate covered pretzels. I mean, come on...after the first week of school with three-year-olds, more than chocolate is needed! I probably should ditch the pretzels and just send in a bottle of wine ;-}

Speaking of back to school, I took some "school" shots of my little guy and my nephew a few weeks ago. The weather and the kids cooperated, and the pics turned out really cute.

My nephew started kindergarten last week....say what?!

** I'm excited for the fall weather...are you?!
** The old desk I used in the above pics? My hubby trash picked it for me a few years ago. I knew it would come in handy one day ;-}
** My sister-in-law's shower is today! Pics and details next week.
** My hubby just returned from a Cape Cod guys weekend/fishing trip. I'll be planning my girls get-away ASAP. Ha!

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