Tuesday, September 17, 2013

{Parties} Travel Themed Adoption Shower

My mom, sis, and I threw together a shower for my sister-in-law, Jane, in a matter of a few weeks. Because Jane and my brother, Rob, will be traveling to Africa {the Democratic Republic of the Congo to be specific} to adopt their boys, the date of the shower was unknown until they received word from their adoption agency that the adoption was a "go." Their travel plans are still not set in stone, but we're hoping and praying they can get their boys very soon. A few more details still need to fall into place.

Because Rob and Jane will be traveling so very far for their boys, I thought it'd be cute to add some travel touches to the dessert table.

Let's talk business first. Enter in dessert. Michelle of The Occasional Cookie made the adorable and delicious cookies for the dessert spread. She used my invitation as inspiration and created the cutout of Africa for one kind of cookie.

The other cookies were little African boys' faces. I mean seriously. HOW CUTE! The pic is a little blurry but if these weren't the cutest things. I couldn't even eat one, it was so adorable. I tried the Africa one instead ha!

My mom also ordered yummy cupcakes from Country Sweets, and I made flag toppers.

Back to details now. The backdrop for the table was a variety of frames and and old window. Inside one of the frames, I hung a sign that I made that said, "Africa, here we come!"

The other frame held a cutout of Africa that I crafted using scrapbook paper. I added a heart in the place where the Congo is.

I love this old window. Using more scrapbook papers, I made a bunting that I hung from the window.

When my little man, Dean, turned one, I ordered these suitcases for his dessert table. If they weren't perfect for our travel themed table, I don't know what was. Inside, I added some old maps, my expired passport, and a little jar that held the party favors.

My mom asked me to make a bookmark as the favor. I added a bible verse that my brother and sister-in-law like to the bottom.

The kitchen held the eats and drinks for the guests. My mom and sister did a great job with all of the food. It was a yummy luncheon.

My mom, sister, me, and Jane....I'm thankful for these ladies!

All in all, it was a really nice afternoon, and we all had a chance to tell Jane how excited we are to meet the new members of our family!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

{Giving} Back-to-School

The kiddies are pretty much all back to school at this point, and another school year is underway. I'm still somewhat in a state of shock that my little mister is now in preschool two mornings a week. We met his teachers last week at orientation, and his first official day is Monday, September 9th. I'm not trying to brown nose, but as a teacher myself and a parent, I wanted my son's teachers to know how much we appreciate them {and pray that they are caring, loving, patient individuals with hearts for children} by sending in a little teacher gift.

I haven't been in the classroom since last November and am taking another year off to be home with my children, but I know I would have loved these little personalized note cards. In fact, I always kept a stack of notecards in my desk at school because there would be many times that I would want to send a little thank you to a student, a note home to a parent, or an encouraging note to a fellow teacher.

I also made some matching apple tags that I plan on attaching to little treat bags. I used pretzels to display how I might use the tags, but I plan on sending in chocolate covered pretzels. I mean, come on...after the first week of school with three-year-olds, more than chocolate is needed! I probably should ditch the pretzels and just send in a bottle of wine ;-}

Speaking of back to school, I took some "school" shots of my little guy and my nephew a few weeks ago. The weather and the kids cooperated, and the pics turned out really cute.

My nephew started kindergarten last week....say what?!

** I'm excited for the fall weather...are you?!
** The old desk I used in the above pics? My hubby trash picked it for me a few years ago. I knew it would come in handy one day ;-}
** My sister-in-law's shower is today! Pics and details next week.
** My hubby just returned from a Cape Cod guys weekend/fishing trip. I'll be planning my girls get-away ASAP. Ha!