Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Somebody Got a New Collar!

Our new little pup, Ginger, came to us about a week ago from another family (her old name was Penny). They were nice enough to send us home with some of her supplies, including a crate, collar/leash, dog food, etc. The other day, my husband and I decided since she has a new home and new name, it was time for a fresh start all around, so we bought her a new doggie bed, collar, leash, and some other necessities. She also got a bath (didn't like that one too much!), and she smells nice and clean! We're still adjusting to our new routine with Ginger; she's a TON of work, but we LOVE her! She's a good girl (most of the time:o)) and looks adorable with her hot pink and orange paisely collar....much more fitting for our sassy girl!

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