Friday, June 26, 2009

The New Addition to our Family ~ Ginger!

Introducing GINGER, our new beagle puppy! This all happened very quickly. Bo and I had been himming and hauling for a while over whether or not we should buy a dog and had listed pro and con after pro and con. There were several dogs that we thought would be a good fit for us if we were going to take the plunge, and a beagle happened to be one of them. Ironically, a family friend of ours just happened to be looking for a good home for his four month old beagle pup the other day. He and his wife have two young children and both have full-time jobs and well, let's face it, puppies can be pretty demanding for the first year or so. In any case, I saw his post on FB for anyone wanting the pup, and I called Bo immediately. We talked it over (actually I begged but what does it matter:o)) and decided we'd like to meet this sassy little lady! She's a doll, and we are enjoying her very much! I'm not going to lie, she's definitely a challenge and pretty high maintenance at times, but she needed a good home and how could I resist that sweet little puppy face? I'm a teacher, so it's perfect really....I'm off all summer and Bo and I do not have children yet, so she'll be getting plenty of love and attention from us!

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