Thursday, August 11, 2011

{Recipes} Popsicles

I have been making homemade popsicles this summer for my son. They are such a great, little treat for him when we play outside on those hot, summer afternoons. I found popsicle molds this spring in Target's dollar bins {Dollar Stores also carry them} and from pudding pops to jello pops, those babies have gotten some great use. I made raspberry flavored pops yesterday and wanted to add some real raspberries in the molds except that my local grocery was sold out of them :-{ Recipe here.

Rainbow pudding pops have been on my list, but I haven't quite gotten to them yet ;-} Before summer ends....

**I had a massage yesterday afternoon -- O.M.G. I'm not a regular "massage getter" but I think I might become one after yesterday! Booked another for October -- ha!
**Trying to jam in all kinds of fun with my boyfriend before summer ends -- busy, busy, busy!
**Girls' Night tonight at a new restaurant. For my local readers -- review coming soon!

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