Thursday, August 4, 2011

{Toppers} Pretty Ribbon

Last night I was supposed to have some work girls over for a jewelry trunk show my friend was hosting {she asked to use my home since her house is far away from where we teach}. At the last minute it was cancelled, and I had already made some cupcakes with toppers. Grrrr....

I haven't had any of the programs I use to design invitations and other coordinating party goods since early June, so I have been experimenting with different kinds of cupcake toppers. I used ribbon of different size and texture here, and I love how they came out! Let me tell you -- it was much less time consuming than designing, printing, punching, gluing, etc. the toppers I usually make.

Easy food tents :: I attached a little mini pom or flower {not sure what it is -- just used tissue paper and scissors and this is what I came up with -- ha!}.

I also planned on making a really yummy dessert dip served with green apples, but once I found out the trunk show was cancelled, I closed up my kitchen ;-} We are having our friends down to the shore this weekend, so I'm saving my ingredients and making it for them instead! And I froze those cupcakes for the shore too -- couldn't waste them, right?!?!

**Dessert dip with apples coming next week -- it's soooo good -- trust me!

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