Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{DIY} Ribbon Bunting

I recently made this simple bunting for a baby shower my sister was attending. She was in charge of making the cake and wanted a cute topper. I didn't have time to create anything digitally, but I knew I could whip up something adorable for her just using some materials I had in my home. The shower she attended had no theme and the sex of the baby was unknown, so I used ribbons of various colors {light & dark pink, pale blue, yellow, lime, and a dotty mix}.

Materials Needed ::
1. A piece of jute
2. 2 skewer sticks
3. Ribbon of various colors, sizes and textures
4. Scissors

Using a piece of jute, tie the ribbons tightly onto it and then cut the ends at an angle for a polished look. Anything goes here -- alternate colors until you are satisfied with the look. Tie jute onto skewers, trim ends of jute, and place ends of skewer sticks in cake. CUTE, SIMPLE, & THOUGHTFUL touch.

TIP :: Anytime you use ribbon and have extra scraps -- keep them! This entire bunting was made from scraps I keep in a jar on my craft table. I have used that jar countless times. Nice ribbon is expensive, so I'm all for getting the biggest bang for my buck when working with it!

**Three day weekends are the greatest invention ever. Just having one extra day at home makes a huge difference in so many ways.
**Hope you & yours had a wonderful weekend with your loved ones -- I know I did!

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