Monday, October 3, 2011

{Random} Weekend Loveliness

So glad you finally decided to make an appearance this weekend, FALL. I've been waiting very patiently for you ;-} Muggies out, a breath of fresh air in....ahhhh.

We enjoyed the cooler weather and sunshine at our friends' Cottage by the Sea party. This couple is very special to my husband and I as they were responsible for introducing us almost seven years ago {and the rest is history ;-}

They rent one of the most gorgeous shore homes I've ever seen and were kind enough to share it with their friends & family for an afternoon of food & fun. Situated on a semi-private beach in Strathmere, Dean had a blast running from one end to the other {and getting soaked and sandy in the process -- ahh, boys ;-}

Weekends -- don't you just cherish them? Family time, relaxation time, etc, etc, etc!

**Have a great week!

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