Monday, May 14, 2012

{Random} Life at the Shore...

My little family has been on overload for the last month. In addition to finding out that we are expecting our second little sweetie this fall {!!!!}, my husband has been traveling a ton for his job, and his free time on weekends has been completely consumed with the renovation of our little shore house in North Wildwood. Phew -- it's been a tad overwhelming to say the least...

You can see from the above pics that the "Pink House" is in desperate need of a major re-do. We love spending our weekends here with my hubby's family in the summer, but ever since we had Dean two years ago, we haven't even been staying in the Pink House b/c it's just not that comfortable and/or safe with a little one {we stay in Bo's parent's house next door}.

I think everyone finally had had enough of it and decided to bite the bullet. Last fall the process started. It's been a slow process because my husband, his father, and brother-in-law are doing all the work themselves. The house sits at the end of a looooong boardwalk, so you can imagine how much time is spent just hauling all the debris and trash up the boardwalk to the dumpster and then back down the boardwalk with the new materials. Then all the work to actually build the house back up again has to take place. UGH...I'm exhausted even thinking about it! It'll be so worth the trouble when the house is completely finished but right kinda stinks!

Here is a progress pic from a few days ago: still lots and lots to do but the guys are definitely making some good progress. The whole front of the house has been ripped off and framed, and the new roof is also beginning to be framed {my hubby said as of yesterday afternoon the entire old roof is gone and the new frames are up!}. The county laws only allow for the new house to be as big as the existing footprint, so unfortunately, we can't make it bigger or put on a second floor, but we are squeezing in a little loft area for when our babies get a little older...they will have fun sleeping up there. The guys are tearing down parts of the house at a time, rebuilding, and then moving on to the next area. My father-in-law drew all the plans, and he's been very creative at making the best use of the space. The inside layout has changed completely, and it's going to be so much more conducive to life at the shore with a family.

My in-laws house is next door and was renovated about ten years ago. Grassy is the most peaceful little place ever in the summer. The homes are not big & fancy, but the location is prime...private, situated right on bay, boat slips right off our deck, a ten minute boat ride to and from Champagne Island, a great view, and the BEST ocean breeze you could ever imagine. Even on the hottest of summer days, air conditioning is rarely needed because of the air we get. Although the new house won't be ready for this summer, I CANNOT wait for my son {and future babe} to spend their summer days there. We are so thankful to have this little peace of heaven as a summer escape!

**I hope all my mommy friends & family had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day. Although my hubby was working on the shore house all weekend {definitely not ideal}, he was so sweet to make me dinner on Saturday night when he returned home. We put the baby to bed and then relaxed on the couch with salmon, baked potatoes and roasted asparagus....strawberry shortcake for dessert. And I'm thrilled to have also gotten a gift certificate to get a mani/pedi {my favorite form of relaxation!} from my boys. I'm a lucky girl!

**Just started the LAST graduate class I will ever have to take {one week down, six more to go}. The end is so near I can taste it, and I will be forever finished just in time for summer vaca! YYYYAAAAYYYY!!!!

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