Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{Decorating} Big Boy Bedroom

The BIG BOY room is finally complete! We originally had a goal of finishing and getting our son settled in his new room and bed by early July. We soon realized that was not going to happen and settled on mid August -- haha. It took a lot longer to move the entire office up to the third floor, which is not nearly as big of a space. There was a lot of purging and organizing of the office materials, and I still feel like we have too much stuff! It felt like an episode of Hoarders over here...

Dean's bedroom set has been in my mom's family for years and years. It was her grandmother's sister's furniture as a young girl, then was passed on to my grandmother, my mother, and myself, who all slept in that bed {the dresser is part of the set too as well as a vanity, which I will use one day if I have a little girl}. I painted the dresser and vanity white when I was in high school, and my husband painted the bed just this summer before we put Dean's room together.

I kept the wall color exactly the same and just touched up where there were marks or holes from pictures taken down and moved. It's a neutral color and it worked, so why bother repainting? The curtains and rods also stayed from the office. Again, the white worked just fine and is probably what I would have purchased anyway.

I have wanted to do a little book nook in Dean's new room for the longest time. I found a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and because this room is much bigger than the nursery, there was plenty of room to do one. I bought the shelves at IKEA -- they are actually photo ledges that I just sat some of his books on. The little table and chairs were hand-me-downs from my friend Mary. The top of the table was originally yellow, which was adorable, but just wouldn't have quite fit in with the color scheme, so I spray painted it navy.

I will also be adding the letters "R.E.A.D" on the small angled wall next to the shelves -- just haven't gotten around to that yet!

I added two navy knobs to the top drawer of the dresser and some fabric in an IKEA frame on top.

On the wall opposite his bed, I kept a small bookcase that was already there from the office. I filled it with leftover books and some toys. My dad also gave me a map of Philadelphia that he had framed in his home hubby still has to hang it above the bookcase.

The closet is bigger in Dean's new room than in the nursery, so he has half, and I have half -- lol. For now, he has plenty of space for his clothes, shoes, etc.

My little boy LOVES tractors, diggers, mowers, trains, etc. so I created this fabric wall art of a tractor for above his bed. Again, my inspiration was Pinterest. All I did was purchase a canvas from Michaels and find some tractor clipart on Google Images. Then I hand drew a pattern, cut it out, and traced it on the fabric. Pretty simple.

This shelf was also something we transitioned from the office to the big boy room. I decorated with some simple decor:

~Old-fashioned clock radio -- HomeGoods
~Lantern -- Pottery Barn Kids
~L.A.U.G.H letters -- Target
~Suitcases -- Land of Nod

I found this airplane at HomeGoods for a steal this spring and put it away for Dean's new bedroom. I just noticed in the new catalog that Pottery Barn Kids is also selling wire hanging airplanes that are adorable but a lot more expensive than what I paid. Gotta love HomeGoods.

Navy & white rugby bedding -- Pottery Barn Kids {I just spotted this SAME bedding at Target yesterday and for about 1/2 the cost of PBK....grrr. They also had it in a light gray & white...very cute.}
Lime sheets -- Target
Decorative green bed pillow -- HomeGoods
Jute & navy stripe rug -- Pottery Barn Kids
Baskets -- HomeGoods
Lamps -- Target
Navy dresser knobs -- Pottery Barn Kids
Bedside table -- IKEA {a few years ago}

So where did the office/craft room go? I introduce you to my third floor attic. We had this finished when we moved in, and I'm thankful we did now. It's not really a usable space because it's not heated or air conditioned but it's a place to store our overflow. There are two small rooms with clipped ceilings. One holds my craft table among other things.

It's a little tight, but it works for now {or until we move into a more spacious home}.

The other room is my closet. It's nothing fancy but thank goodness we {my hubby & father-in-law built this} decided to convert it into a closet because I have NO IDEA where all these clothes would go!

**Dean's had FOUR successful nights in his bed so far...PHEW. Naps? Not going so well, but we're working on it and it's getting a little better. I have a few weeks left to get this boy of mine straightened out before returning to work....BOOHOO.


  1. As always, this is AMAZING! Can you come over and organize my closets? This is a perfect big boy room!

  2. Thank you, ladies! Sure, Karen -- I could totally help you!