Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{Random} Babymoon to Baltimore

This past weekend my hubby and I escaped for a little getaway. Some call it a babymoon, others call it a mini-vaca. Whatever your preference, it was simply wonderful.

You see, we felt the need for this little break from reality because I'm 34 weeks pregnant with our second baby, and we have a feeling that life as we know it is basically going to end come November...just kidding ;-}

My ever-so-helpful in-laws picked up our little man on Saturday morning for some fall fun, and off his daddy and I went for a much needed date weekend. Baltimore, Maryland was our destination {which also happens to be one of our favorite cities and the place where we were engaged in May 2007}. Upon our arrival, we made a little pitstop in Fells Point for their fall festival.

Thankfully the weather was beautiful on Saturday, and our hotel was within walking distance to the festival. On our walk there, we stopped for lunch at an outside eatery and then proceeded to take in all the beautiful sites along cobble-stoned pathways through quaint little Fells.

Of course I had to snap a few pics of all the old, historic buildings that I just love and adore. Something else I just had to do? A little shopping...ahem.

My hubby sure knows how to treat a lady. He booked me a pre-natal massage at the Four Seasons, which was next door to our hotel. After two hours of pure bliss, I met him back at our room to get ready for dinner. The restaurant was just around the corner, so we walked and then wined and dined over the yummiest authentic Italian eats.

Can I just say that date nights ROCK!?! They are so taken for granted before children {at least they were by me}. It is only after the babes arrive that you realize how very special, important, and needed that time alone with your husband truely is! {Please excuse the awful lighting in this pic...taken with my iPhone and with the flash on...oops}.

The next morning we woke up early {it just sort of happens when your 2 year old has programmed you to rise and shine no later than 7am every day of the week ;-}, showered, packed up, and headed to breakfast at Miss Shirley's in The Inner Harbor. YUMMMMMM is all I can say about this breakfast joint. For real...best breakfast EVER. We shared an order of fried green tomatoes {had to have}. And then it was pumpkin pancakes with apple butter for me and lemon ricotta french toast with fresh raspberries and cream cheese icing for Bo...OMG.

Ahhh, LOVE my hubby and am very thankful for such a wonderful man as my partner in life.

With full bellies, we took off for home. Christiana Mall was on the way, so we stopped for an hour to make a few returns and start a little Christmas shopping. I know, I know...I am usually one that doesn't like to think about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over ***BUT*** I have a new babe arriving very shortly, so I'm feeling the need to get everything I can done before he/she makes an appearance!

**I had the day off yesterday to spend with my baby boy...thank you, Mr. Columbus. What a great weekend!
**Here's hoping you also had a wonderful weekend!
**My hubby had to leave for business in Vegas late Sunday afternoon and won't be arriving home until Thursday. Pretty bummed...Dean, Ginger, and I are all missing that man.
**5 weeks from TODAY, our family will be expanding. Ahhh -- very excited!

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  1. Looks like it was an amazing weekend! Wonderful post , Kate. Can't wait for the newewst little Powell baby. Take care