Saturday, January 2, 2010

Maternity Shoot Prep

Supplies Needed:
1. Black Bandana
2. Crazy Glue
3. Crystals/Beads
4. Toothpick (not pictured)
5. A LOT of patience
I picked up each crystal with a toothpick with a little glue on the end. Then I added a little more glue to the underside of the crystal and placed each where I wanted on the bandana. It was a bit of a pain but ended up working. I will be tying this around poor Ginger's neck for our pictures.
Ginger's Maternity Shoot Bandana - Finished product!

She wouldn't keep her new pink sherpa on for anything. I might be kidding myself with this bandana idea....haha.

I'm having belly shots taken in about 2 weeks when I'm 34 weeks pregnant. In addition to figuring out what I'm going to wear, I put together a little "outfit" for Ginger. As high maintanence as my girl can be, I love her and she's part of our family now. So since she's going to be in a few of the belly shots, I figured I'd make her a little something special for the photo shoot. With her track record, this is totally a long shot, but I couldn't resist! She's going to look so, if she'd just cooperate.....

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