Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nicole's Notecards {My He'art Project}

{Each notecard has a picture of something that resemembles a heart. There were six different pictures that Nicole sent me to use on the notecards.}

{On the back of each card is the city, state, and year when the picture was taken and on the bottom is Nicole's logo and website. The logo was created by her friend Michelle who is a graphic artist.}
{I wrapped each set of notecards with a belly band with Nicole's logo on the front.}
These are the notecards I made for Nicole, one of my dearest and oldest friends in the world. We met when we were ten years old and were completely inseperable for years until our interests finally took us to different parts of the country (we are complete opposites but always hit it off!). After living in California and Chicago for a few years, Nicole finally settled in Brooklyn, New York. She's a true city girl! And a fashionista with a creative, artsy, unique style - perfect for her job at W magazine in Manhattan. Anyone that knows me, well, you know I'm pretty much the complete opposite - ha! In any case, she is having a show and asked me to create notecards for her. The theme is "hearts" hence the title of her project, My He'art Project. Check these out!

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