Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{Gifts} Italian Themed

Last week my friend and co-teacher asked me to help him with a Christmas gift for his wife. He wanted me to put together a little basket with some goodies and all he told me was that his wife likes to cook and his budget was $25. Hmmmm....challenge.

My intent was to put together a really cute basket of cupcake/cookie baking supplies, but I shortly realized I would not be able to do it the way I wanted to with a $25 budget. On to Plan B -- enter in TJ Maxx and a soon to be Italian themed basket.

I snagged a bag of tri-colored pasta noodles, a fancy bottle of sauce, a nice peppercorn grinder and a cute little pitcher. It doesn't look like much, but let me tell you, $25 goes quickly.

Then I threw in two packs of recipe cards designed by Studio LIME Design. There was no money left for a basket, so I used an old shoebox -- wrapped it up with pretty paper, threw in some white tissue, arranged everything, and done -- mission accomplished.

If I had more money to spend, I would have thrown in a few other items. Maybe a nice spoon or ladle, a cookbook, a bottle of wine, and if I were my friend {and I suggested this to him}, I would go the extra mile and buy a giftcard to an Italian restaurant and throw it there with a note for a date night with his wife. He better do it! He lives in Collingswood and Il Fiore would be PERFECT!


  1. Love it. What a neat idea! It is not fair that one person should have all this talent. LOL! I still haven't figured out how to use my photoshop software that my hubby bought me last Christmas.

  2. Thank you for the compliment, but I'm really not that talented! I get a lot of my ideas online ;-} Have you checked out Pinterest? You must!