Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{Holiday} MUUAH!

Happy Valentine's Day! We are keeping things very low-key this year. I put together a little bin filled with a few inexpensive treats for our little boy. I grabbed an extra pair of lips from his first birthday party {photobooth prop} and stuck them in his gift with a little love note from Mom & Dad. Very appropriate since I basically want to kiss his cute lips off all day long.

My hubby and I are keeping it simple and not exchanging gifts...I have a surprise chocolate fondue dessert planned for all three of us after dinner tonight, but that's it. This working girl is too busy for anything but simple these days...ahhh!

I kicked off this already short week by taking a day off yesterday. My hubby and I headed down to Atlantic City on Sunday evening for the Chef's Ball at The Pier at Caesars {work function}. It was soooo nice....unbelievable setting and food! We stayed the night at the Taj Mahal, got up early, went out for breakfast, and then headed home to grab our little lover boy from his grandparents {Bo's parents got the baby and my poor parents got stuck with our beagle hound ;-}. My hubby had to work, but I enjoyed the rest of the day at home with my little mister, hanging out and getting caught up on making meals for the week among other things.

**I'm feeling refreshed and ready to take on three more days of work, then off for four whole days to spend QT with my boy {and sis & nephew & niece}, throw Dean his 2nd bday party, etc!
**Happy Anniversary to the best couple I know -- my parents! 37 years ago, my mom and dad had a sweet Valentine's night wedding ceremony by candlelight. Their love and devotion to each other, the Lord, and our family is a blessing. Thanks Mom & Dad for being the BEST role models {in every way, shape and form}. Love you both so much!

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