Monday, February 27, 2012

{Home Improvements} Kitchen Message Center

Good Morning! We finally finished our kitchen message center -- phew! A few months ago, we had the built-in desk and single seat bench added to the kitchen. Then, we added the floating black shelves, cushion, and pillow to the bench seat. I recently found the black framed cork board at HomeGoods and snatched it up for above the desk.

I've had my eye on the PB hanging wall organizers for quite a while and finally took the plunge. I caught a sale and ordered away. Big improvement from the messy hanging chalkboard I had there previously, which I junked up with everything imaginable.

Since I am the bill/budget person in our home, I convinced my hubby that I needed the wall organizers to help me keep track of the incoming and outgoing bills. It's the truth -- keeping tabs on all that is like a second job!

I recently added some springy greens to my shelves since I'm craving spring weather in the worst way. Looking forward to getting outside with my little guy for some fresh air, long walks, and playground fun. March is just around the corner, so it shouldn't be long :-}

**Have a GREAT week!
**Home with my boyfriend today. After struggling through the last days with a terrible cough, Mama thought it was best to hang home and nurse this little man back to health. Ironically, we have his 2 year old appointment scheduled for this afternoon anyway. I feel so bad for my baby :-{


  1. I love the message center and all that goes with it, you know how to get the most of a small space!! I hope Dean feels better.

  2. Thanks so much, Karen! Dean is feeling much better, thank you!

  3. How long ago did you find the organizer? I searched PB and couldn't find it :(

  4. It was almost a year ago, but they definitely still carry it. Here is a link:

    Copy and paste into your address bar. Hope that helps!