Tuesday, July 17, 2012

{Home Improvements} Family Room Built-in

We're at it again -- making home improvements and trying to create smart storage solutions and upgrades that will help sell our little house one day in the future {we're not going anywhere anytime soon though!}. Most recently, we added ceiling fans in our family room and three upstairs bedrooms {not pictured} to give us a little more air flow at night. They are making a huge difference.

We also had another built-in added in our family room. The family room doubles as a place where we all crash on the couch and watch television at the end of the day and also as a playroom for my little guy. We do have a basement, but it's not able to be finished, so this is it. It's challenging at times, but we try to make it work. Last year we got rid of our couch, loveseat and chair/ottoman and replaced them with a space-saving sectional and built-in bench for more seating. This new corner built-in allowed us to move the television up and away from little hands, gave me two nice shelves above the television for pictures or whatever, and some storage behind the doors underneath for games, books, toys, etc.

**Still on my Summer To-Do List:
1. Big boy room {bed is painted, rug has been delivered, mini-blinds up, etc. Now we are working on moving my craft area and office to the third floor, so we can move "the big boy" into his new digs}.
2. Painting the kitchen island {I've been talking about doing this for over a year and totally dragging my feet on it but it's now or never b/c once baby #2 comes, I doubt it'll ever get done!}.
3. Simple photo wall in upstairs hallway {this was on the summer to-do list last year too...hmmm. I had a plan to do an elaborate photo collage, but it was overwhelming me a little, so I'm going simple. I like simple the best anyway ;-}
4. A few nursery updates: we do not know the sex of the baby, so this will be tough. Stay tuned.
5. Lots of organizing and cleaning of the closets, basement and garage.
**I'm probably NEVER going to finish all of this, but at least I have goals, right?! -- HAHA!


  1. I love the built in! I have a dream vision of one for my living room but need a builder. And I know exactly how you feel with items staying on the to-do list from one summer to the next. Spending time with the little ones definitely takes precedence over getting things done.

  2. Thanks, Staci! I will give you the name and number of the man who did our built-ins if you want -- he was excellent. Ahhh...the never-ending to-do lists!