Monday, December 31, 2012

Oh happy day! It's New Year's Eve, and we are about to embark on another year. Before we do and the holiday season is officially over, I thought I'd share the brunch I hosted at my home on Christmas morning.

I'll be honest, I struggled a little to pull this all together. I had cleaning to do, a little shopping to finish up, presents to wrap, food to make, oh and a brand new baby and a 2 1/2 year old to tend to. As a matter of fact, my own mama was at my house on Christmas Eve morning helping me make the two breakfast casseroles I served on Christmas...thank goodness for that amazing woman! Thankfully, everything came together in the end, and Christmas morning actually ended up being pretty relaxing.

By the way, notice our elf, Jack, anywhere in this pic? Ha! He snuck his way into my lantern centerpiece, and I forgot to take him out for the picture ;-}

I kept my tablescape pretty simple by using my white dishes and the green water glasses I purchased for the last Thanksgiving dinner I served at my home in 2011.

I folded white dinner napkins and then tied each with a red ribbon to resemble a bow. Then I tried to keep it festive by using fresh greens to adorn the top of each napkin. Simple, right?!

I also added dark red chargers with rhinestone embellishments under each plate, but they are a tad hard to see because they are round and my plates are square. Oh well, I tried ;-}

I seriously DO NOT KNOW what I'd do without this buffet table in my dining room. It serves so many purposes in my home, and I use it every time I entertain. I LOVE it, and it has been one of my favorite and most practical purchases ever. Pottery Barn Outlet, I need to spend some more quality time with you very soon.

I set up some drinks and cookies on my buffet and arranged the food on the island in my kitchen. The menu consisted of: french toast casserole, egg and sausage casserole, fresh fruit salad, sausage links, and cinnamon buns. YUMMMM!

Mimosas are a MUST at brunch....

...and a little cranberry spritzer never hurt anyone either ;-}

About two weeks prior to Christmas, my friend, Patty, hosted a ladies cookie exchange. Great idea and ever so helpful as I prepared to host my first ever Christmas brunch. I made chocolate covered peanuts {recipe here}, and froze the assortment of cookies I received at the exchange. I even had plenty left over to take to my mom's house for dinner later that night.

So, that's it! Nothing earth shattering, just a fun-filled morning with family, food, and presents. Speaking of presents...

...this was my favorite Christmas by far because my little mister was absolutely adorable and so much fun opening his gifts. My hubby and I try not to go overboard with gifts for a multitude of reasons, but we couldn't resist purchasing this one, little guy for our number one boy...

...his very own dune buggie to ride around the backyard until his heart's content. And he did just that. Sheer delight when he walked outside to find this.

**I hope you and your family had a WONDERFUL holiday season!
**Happy New Year! Bring on 2013!

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