Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{R. Dean} Little Phillies Fan

Baby boy joined his daddy and me at the Phils game this past Saturday. He loved it -- for about a half hour. Mr. Ants in His Pants was all over the place -- trying to grab the guy's beer sitting next to me, wanting to touch everyone and everything including the wad of gum someone left behind in the cup holder, trying to walk back and forth between Bo and me in about a 1/4 inch space. Oh boy, what were we thinking?! The game was fun while it lasted -- one whole inning ;-}

Don't let the pics of what appear to be a very calm boy fool you! Ha!

The sweetest little busy boy there ever was {sorry...I'm biased ;-}.

**LAST full day of school for me today!!! Two 1/2 days and a teacher close-out day, and I'm done for the whole summer. Thank you, Lord!

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