Friday, January 13, 2012

{Fashion} Date Night

"Date Night" has become not only precious, precious time for me and my husband but something essential in our lives. They don't happen as often as they used to {pre-Dean era}, but they're something we aim to do at least once a month. I will always remember my mom telling me and my sister how important it is to carve out time for you and your husband as a couple, even if just for an hour to grab a burger, even in the midst of jobs, kids, and everything else, even if you're tired, etc. I always tucked that piece of advice away for the future, but it wasn't until I became a mother that I saw just how valuable that advice was.

This weekend we're headed to a new restaurant in Delaware called Capers & Lemons. We are always up for trying something new, but definitely have some old favorites that we frequent too.

So, what to wear on these rare occasions? Like most girls, I'm a bit of a clothes hound, but I'm most comfortable in something classy and cute yet comfy. I'm not big on trends -- not that I don't like some of them, but mostly because I think I'd look plain old ridiculous! I'm 34 going on 35...hardly 80 but not exactly 20 anymore either ;-}

First up, is one of my favorite looks -- it's what I call sexy classy. Jeans {I don't do skinnies}, heels or boots {NOT the ones in the picture}, a sparkly tank, blazer, and a little clutch. PERFECT.

Or how about this one? Another sexy classy look in my humble opinion. A pretty blouse, jeans, and daring red heels. Sassy.

What about this cute dress from JCrew? JCrew might be one of my all-time favorite stores -- they offer just the right combination of prep, class, cute, sexy, and comfort. Add subtle sparkles, and I'm all over it. This might be a little short for my liking, but I'd pair this over jeans in a heartbeat.

How about this look? Jeans, flats, a bright top and a patterned infinity scarf. Yes, please. Can't go wrong with this look in my opinion -- classic & stylish.

A spring date night? But minus the shorts for me. I probably need to be more daring, but if those pretty salmon shorts were pants in the same color {JCrew would probably have them...hmmm}, I'd go for it. Love the white tank, necklace, and blazer paired together A LOT.

I tend to stay away from dresses in the winter unless it's a special occasion, but I have to admit that I think this looks adorable. A simple black dress, skinny belt, black leggings and boots, and a cardi. Simple yet sophisticated all at the same time.

You had at me hello sparkly little flats...

Lastly, how about some fun jewels? I'm a sucker for simple bangles or even layering skinny bracelets to give the appearance of a chunkier bracelet.

**Hmmm....too many choices! I shouldn't spend too much time thinking about this because you know men....half the time they don't even notice ;-} I still love ya, RDP!
**All pics via Pinterest -- where else? Most of these looks came straight off my Fashion pinboard.
** TGIF -- Enjoy the three day weekend!

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