Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{Restaurant Review} Capers & Lemons

Capers & Lemons = YUMMY!

FOOD: Contemporary Italian {everything from our appetizer to our dessert...yes, we were very bad...was delicious}.
DRINK: Nice bar but a tad on the small side. There was a nice lounge adjacent to it, which is where we waited for our table after getting drinks.
COST: We had drinks, app, salad, dinner, and split a dessert for $100. Not over-the-top expensive but maybe a little pricier than other date night spots.
ATMOSPHERE: NICE. Upscale casual with contemporary/modern design/decor and an inviting and cozy atmosphere.
LOCATION: Wilmington, Delaware. It took us about 35 minutes to get there {same as Philly} but off the beaten trail a little {seemed to be back in an industrial park or something of the sort}.

**The pic above is from Capers & Lemon's webpage and is a neat bottle display you see when you walk into the restaurant.
**I'm finding it harder and harder to make time for blog posts. My New Year's resolution {reading for pleasure} has been taking the place of all my other guilty pleasures {aka facebook, blogging & pinterest....okay, I'm still pinning but the others have taken a backseat ;-}
**GREAT weekend -- that extra day off is KEY! Hope yours was wonderful, too!

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