Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{Holiday} Chef Dean

Good Morning! The holidays are officially over, and it's back to reality for much of the world. Kind of depressing, but life must go on, eh?

We had a wonderful holiday and very much enjoyed seeing our little man on Christmas morning. I think Bo and I loved it more than he did ;-} My hubby & I opened our gifts to one another on Christmas Eve {a tradition we started when we began dating}, so Christmas morning was all about Dean.

We decided not to go crazy with gifts -- Dean is not even two years old and really doesn't quite understand any of it yet. Not to mention, I absolutely REFUSE to go into debt over buying Christmas gifts EVER.

His big gift was a kitchen. And let me tell you....I received a lot of flack about buying my son a kitchen {I won't mention any names!}. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the fancier ones have, but he loves playing with it, and I'm all for a man that can cook. My future daughter-in-law will thank me one day ;-}

Because of space, I had to go small. After searching for quite a while, I finally found a cute one in Bed, Bath & Beyond {the last place I was expecting to find a children's kitchen}. It was wooden, so I painted it gray to look more boyish.

Needless to say, Chef Dean has been making us coffee and all kinds of treats for the last week. I could get used to this kind of treatment ;-}

**Check in tomorrow to see all the details from our New Years Eve Gourmet Night celebration!


  1. I love that Santa brought him a kitchen, a man that can cook is an amazing thing. happy New Year!

  2. Very adorable, and I too got a lot of slack for buying my son a kitchen as well for his 2nd birthday!!!! But a month later, now that he pretends to cook the same food we eat ... i hear no complaints!

  3. Thanks for your support, ladies! I'm glad I did it!