Sunday, December 27, 2009

{The Birthday Boy} ~ Jack David!!!

Today is my nephew's 2nd birthday, and tonight was his party. It was a small family party held at my parent's home. There was not a theme for this party, rather a color palette of lime green, bright blue, and orange used throughout all of his party details. Check them out below!
Cute family - Mark, the birthday boy and my sister Becky

These are the matching thank you cards to coordinate with Jack's invite (seen below and also in an earlier post).

This is the party favor Jack gave to his cousin Charlie. It was a little white Chinese carton filled with girlie goodies for Char. I added the orange ribbon for a punch of color and the tag incorporating all three colors added some flare as well. Invitation also seen in picture.

Jack's party hat! Both my sister and I searched for white party hats that I could decorate. No such luck, so I made one myself. I attached a #2 that I made, and I found a fun, green, feathery "thing" at Michaels that I attached to the top of the hat. Lastly, rather than an elastic tie, I used the same orange polka dot ribbon seen on the favor box. Not bad for a DIY party hat!

Jack wore his party hat for about 2 seconds flat....just long enough for a cute picture (I had to bribe him with candy to get the picture....ha!).

The party menu and some of the cupcake toppers made from #2's I had printed and cut out by hand.

Cupcake toppers - J for Jack, #2, and his birthdate, 12.27. My sister put these in some of the dips and also in the mini ice cream pies she made for the guests.

One last party detail - his little gift from me and my husband. I had to stay in keeping with the party colors :o)

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