Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Cards 2009 - Pink and Green!

These are the Christmas cards I made for myself this year. I put a picture of my puppy, Ginger, on the card. I also include some of the lyrics from Charlie Brown's "O Christmas Tree" because the trees I made kind of remind me of Charlie Brown trees. In retrospect, I wish I had left the lyrics off to make the card look a little more simple, but after printing 54 of them, I decided to just keep them the way they are. Lesson learned - the simpler the better!

I LOVE the look of pretty envelopes with beautiful address lables just as much as I love what's inside the envelope. So, I made little scalloped return address tags for the back of the envelope (cupcake topper design) and rectangular address labels for the front. I had these printed at different times and the colors came out a little differently each time. Second lesson learned - print all pieces in one shot to avoid difference in ink colors!

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