Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Cards!

These are the Christmas cards I made for my mom and sister. My mom really wanted a picture of the entire family from our summer vacation on her card but my brother-in-law Mark wasn't there this summer due to his coaching job at James Madison University. Poor guy was working while we all relaxed on the beach. So, I kept her card picture free. Maybe next year she'll put a pic of me and Becky's little boys on her Christmas card :o)

My sister lives in Virginia, and they had a huge snowstorm about a week ago. My nephew is a tough guy to take pictures of because he is constantly on the go and won't pose for a picture, but Becky was able to snap this cute candid shot of him in the snow. His cheeks are all rosy in the color version of the picture, but the black and white looked better with the colors used on the card. And I love the reindeer on his hat! He's my boyfriend (shhhh....don't tell Bo) :o)

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