Monday, May 31, 2010

{Cooking} Easy Pasta Dish

Have I got a recipe for you! I just made this tonight for dinner; it's one of my go-to meals! If you work full time, you'll especially like this recipe. Why? Because it's super simple to make, and this is definitely a 30 minute meal (at the most) - BONUS!

First, you'll need some ingredients:
~ EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
~ garlic (minced)
~ 1 bag baby spinach
~ 2 cans diced tomatoes
~ 1 box Perdue chicken shortcuts
~ 1 tub feta cheese
~ 1 box bowtie pasta

Now for the instructions:
{Note: I don't use exact measurements when I make this meal. Adjust to your liking.}
~ Coat the bottom of a frying pan with some EVOO.
~ Saute about a tablespoon of minced garlic (maybe a teaspoon if you're not a garlic fan) in the olive oil.
~ Add bag of baby spinach and let it cook down.
~ Add chicken shortcuts (they are already cooked) and the two cans of diced tomatoes (I use one can of regular and one can of garlic and oregano). Bring mixture up to a higher temperature (until bubbly) and then down again.
~Add entire tub of feta and fold into mixture.

~ Cook pasta according to directions on box.
~ Drain pasta and dump into a large bowl.
~ Pour entire mixture over pasta.
This meal is yummy with crusty Italian bread and a little parmesan cheese sprinkled on top!

Dean helped me cook tonight! He is finally starting to like his Bjorn....

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